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Why Emma Watson’s Role In ‘Beauty And The Beast’ May Be Hypocritical

This article originally appeared on Jan 28 online at EliteDaily.com in conjunction with Elite Daily’s contributing writer network.

As far as Disney princesses go, Belle is ahead of her time. 591 more words


That ONE Person...have a seat

No interest in reading and learning, but have huge opinions with no real reasoning.

Hate kids and have no interest in rearing any, but have infinite wisdom and conversation on how they should be raised and what parents should and should not do. 130 more words

Thursdays With Oswald―Don’t Become A Pharisee

This is a periodic series with things I’m reading and pondering from Oswald Chambers. You can read the original seed thought here, or type “Thursdays With Oswald” in the search box to read more entries. 236 more words

Super Hypocritical

Before I get into the bulk of my personal insight of the day I will admit that I can be a HUGE hypocrite. For years I have been so against any kind of off-road vehicle activities, not that I’m some hard core environmental activist, but I always thought it really tore up the land, put an ugly spot on the landscape and for some strange reason I guess I lumped snowmobiling into that. 179 more words

The Latest Outrage: Edition Five (Part A)

Today’s annoyance? Companies that don’t practice what they preach. To help you understand my frustration, I want to share two letters with you, both written by yours truly: one to Special K and the other to SELF magazine. 475 more words

Today's Thought: Devastation

Quote from The Prayer of the LORD: Hypocrisy has a devastating impact on the life of the church and on the representation of Christianity to a dying world 12 more words

Daily Thoughts

Today's Thought: Strictly Business

Quote from The Prayer of the LORD: Prayer, for them, was a business. Prayer was something that was expected from people in their positions, so they made a public display of their piety 12 more words

Daily Thoughts