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A Gemini In Love

The ones I have loved

Hurt me

And left me lesson-less

On how to appropriately receive love in return

I do not want to become a hypocrite… 67 more words


Man Knows

Man Knows:

  • Understanding comes from a long, intimate involvement with a subject, whether a job, hobby, study, or any other task that involves a deep commitment.
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Social Injustice

It is so unfair in the fact of social injustice when a pastor receives triple potion of income than those social workers.
Social worker works more hours per week and under serious demand and burden. 84 more words


Supreme court ruling...


I have been silently scrolling through Facebook posts for the past few days and I see different opinions about the supreme court ruling. And the one I see way too often is “Christians” hating on LGBT community members. 1,158 more words


GRACE IS FREE BUT NOT CHEAP (Hebrews 10:26-31)

While I am a preacher of grace, I have observed a fallacy which diminishes the value of God’s grace. In the eyes of God, grace was never a cheap thing because it costed the high price of His son to die on the cross for our sins. 453 more words