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Hillary Clinton embraces the ‘politics of personal destruction’ she once decried

In 2003, the once and future inevitable Democratic presidential nominee, then New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, embarked on a book tour while taking stock of her near limitless ambitions. 30 more words


Is Russell Brand a Hypocrite?

Hello Hello

Today, has been a mildly interesting day. I went to work. Laughed. Looked at photos of the Met Gala (Beyonce is a queen) 911 more words


Only Willing Hearts: A Free Flow Write

“Hypocrite!” She screamed her voice so ragged he thought her throat was bleeding.

Roylin’s gaze darkened. “You do know what hypocrite means don’t you? It means actor, someone who pretends. 742 more words


Simple Simon ....

Just does not like it 

My blog post yesterday, proving the online intimidation antics of Simple Simon,  has him nearly unconscious from overdosing at having a taste of  his own medicine. 136 more words

One more "anti-gay conservative" forced out of the closet

A conservative North Dakota lawmaker has come out of the closet after lewd texts he sent on a gay dating site were made public this week.

239 more words

Funsized Fallacies: Tu Quoque

All the chewy goodness of fallacious reasoning in new fun-sized bites!

According to Dr. John Nolt et al. “Tu quoque (‘you too’) arguments attempt to refute a claim by 201 more words

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