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Incredible India... Is it ???

India is an ancient country, an example of astounding paradoxes,
extremes and their synthesis. Our nation’s extraordinary heterogeneity strikes one and all with awe and wonder. 401 more words

Beef Ban

Political Pedophilia: An open source investigation

Like every other twisted and perverse issue pertaining to the elite-swine psychopaths and associates, pedophilia has been either covered up or completely overlooked.

The famous and/or wealthy and powerful can get away with anything, no matter how sick or heinous. 197 more words


[LITERATURE] Religious ideals in Blake and Larkin

Holy Thursday by William Blake

Is this a holy thing to see,

In a rich and fruitful land,

Babes reducd to misery,

Fed with cold and usurous hand? 1,874 more words


The victim industry fares well, the victims don't

Again the migratory overflow from a poor overpopulated place, as happened so often in the past, whilst once it came from the east now it comes from the south. 325 more words


NaPoWriMo Day 16: Peace

Came the stones

The sticks

And, then
The bullets

When he couldn’t
Stand up
Came an offering
Of Peace.

Abysmal Heights

How we use differently abled people to boost our egos...

This might sound insensitive but all the “Differently abled people are heroic” talk is a little sickening after a point. It sounds very nice and inspirational but deep down, we are doing the very thing that we claim to be fighting against. 666 more words

Less than three weeks to go

What seems to have been overlooked during the increasingly tawdry election circus is the simple fact that we are being asked to elect a government; not a president, not a king and not an emperor. 973 more words