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Whence the Tea Party?

In a book review in this Sunday’s N.Y. Times, George Packer made the following comment:

The revolution didn’t come — it never does in America, not since the first one, no matter how bad things get. 420 more words


German Of The Day: Schwitzkasten

That’s “sweat box” but actually means stranglehold. You know, like being stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Is the current five-year Greek drama finally going to come to an end today? 144 more words


All animals are equal, some are more equal than others

An outburst was triggered on social media when Yulin dog-meat festival in China’s Guangxi was announced. Thousands of dog-lovers signed online petitions seeking ban on the festival, series of articles and photographs were published exposing the brutality involved. 390 more words


False Flags. Fox News, The Confederacy and Che Guevara

Fox New has (of course) weighed into the confederate flag debate in a fashion that manages to be both tediously predictable and hilariously insane.  They play the “double standards” card.   697 more words


How often do we fail to live up to ourselves ? How often do we drive a dagger through our own hearts, doing the exact opposite of what we say, and failing to say what we mean ? 233 more words


Hypocrites (Munafiqun المنافقون)

Nifaq – Hypocrites In Islam –
By Abu Dawud and Al-Nisa

This topic is of extreme importance in our daily lives, as it reflects our behaviour, our manners, our faith in Allah, and His teaching. 801 more words


It`s in the post

There comes a time when you realise that a bad debt is never going to be paid and the only options available are to either litigate or forget about it. 464 more words