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Hyperreality consists of BLU things

Street Art, according to the Oxford dictionary, is Artwork created in a public space, typically in an illicit way.

Take a walk in Los Angeles, New York, London, Spain, anywhere in the world, there are places all over covered in street art. 372 more words


Virtual Beach Walk, Anyone?

Have you ever felt the need to just go outside and get some fresh air? Does a nice beach stroll sound like the perfect break from your chaotic schedule? 446 more words

Exploring Hyperreality

In Adam’s last lecture we watch part of the film Westworld which is about an advanced theme park that allows you to interact with life like robots. 203 more words

Contemporary Studies

Non-Places and Simulation

As a start to the series of theoretical lectures on visual communication to further our skills in the field of graphic and media design, Greta Hauer opened up a discussion about the role of non-spaces and simulations in society. 535 more words


Umberto Eco's Travels in Hyperreality

I first began reading Umberto Eco’s essay thinking It was surreal, dream like and more fictional because it didn’t make any sense to me what so ever but when I researched more into hyperreality and Umberto Eco, I understood that in the essay he is basically exaggerating reality hence the name hyperreality, the essay doesn’t mean an daytrip into a fantasy but into life itself. 138 more words


Hyperreality and food consumption: A potentially dangerous recipe

This post is part of an ongoing series dedicated to defining new media.

In Communication, New Media, and Everyday Life, Chalkley et al. (2012) discuss… 472 more words

Defining New Media

Interview with Lady Neptune

Who is Lady Neptune & how did you start this project?

Lady Neptune was derived when a friend asked me to sing on an acid house track about driving in space. 982 more words