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Boy Story

“Guess what, Daddy?” My son said matter-of-factly while putting on his shoes. “There’s another little boy at my school who has the same Spider-Man shoes as me.” 418 more words


Out of the Desert and Onto the Screen: Facebook and The Hyperreal

“The need to speak, even if one has nothing to say, becomes more pressing when one has nothing to say, just as the will to live becomes more urgent when life has lost its meaning.”

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Social Media

Language and Memory

One’s being as a collective whole is intended to grant clarity and understanding of one’s reality and yet simultaneously obfuscates the truth due to memory and the way we as humans perceive time. 775 more words


hyper\real fiction 2: [s]tatute [o]f [l]imitations (or, s*** outta...)

‘It’s been three months, Joe… whatta you gonna do now?’

The investigation, three months long and just as fruitless as everyone had anticipated.  ‘So this is what the city pays us for…’ 173 more words


'You're Back In The Room': It's Not Fake, It's Just Hyperreal

“Welcome to You’re Back in the Room, a gameshow like no other.” Phillip Schofield, you are not wrong.

Last week, Jacob Bolton wrote an insightful piece on Gogglebox, Channel 4’s half-arsed stab at meta-theatrical irony, which—in a glorious combination of clever editing, overt scripted segments, and dumb luck—nested itself in the hearts of millions of viewers nationwide. 1,821 more words

Critical Theory

Hyperreality consists of BLU things

Street Art, according to the Oxford dictionary, is Artwork created in a public space, typically in an illicit way.

Take a walk in Los Angeles, New York, London, Spain, anywhere in the world, there are places all over covered in street art. 372 more words