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Fresh Water Greens: A Hydroponic Success Story

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With over 100 years of farming experience, when the Villari family decides to take us behind the curtain of their hydroponic business, you know it’s bound to be good. 4,357 more words

Sustainable Agriculture

Livestock Production System in the Middle East

The livestock sector in the Middle East is highly dynamic, in response to rapidly increasing demand for meat and poultry products. The increasing demand for livestock products have been largely driven by human population growth, income growth and urbanization. 8 more words


Still alive.

I have not abandoned the blog. I have been both busy, sick, rearing kittens, etc. But I have continued learning along the way. So here’s the update: 284 more words


Hydroponic Farming - No More Concern of Adverse Weather Condition or Shortage of Farmable Lands

The Aztecs and Babylonian cultures grew plants without soil so technically they were employing a form of hydroponic. Our science and technology have improved considerably since the times of the Aztecs and Babylonians. 287 more words


Half Way to Thirty

Wednesday before last was my half birthday.  I believe in holidays, I believe in celebrating people, others mainly, and myself occasionally, as I feel making time for celebration imbues life with meaning, makes existence more than a stride toward completion.  503 more words

Sugeng Rawuh Selamat Datang Wellcome

Hai…boleh kenalan?
Kalimat itu yang sering saya ketik pada saat melakukan kontak dengan orang-orang yang baru pertama kali saya temui di aplikasi-aplikasi chatting yang saya install di hape saya…hehehe… 160 more words


A Beginner Guide To Popular Hydroponic Kits

As hydroponic farming is turning out to be more popular, the selling of hydroponic kits has happen to be a thriving business.For More information Click here: http://terravidagroup.com/