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Hydroponics : Revolution in Farming

Hydroponics is basically a type of farming done with the combination of chemical solutions with the plants. Now, you will wonder how we can grow vegetables in indoors without water and soil. 415 more words



Tanggal 28 Maret lalu, Komisi Dewasa GKI Gunsa mengadakan workshop/pelatihan Hidroponik bagi jemaat GKI Gunsa dengan pembicara adalah Bp. Benny Widjaja. Animo jemaat untuk kegiatan ini cukup baik terbukti dengan jumlah peserta yang hadir di atas 100 orang. 677 more words

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Hong Kong Investors Turn More in to Alternatives for Safer Portfolios

Alternatives have been receiving greater attention in recent months from Hong Kong investors, who seem to be increasingly eyeing such investments for their low correlation with traditional asset classes, such as bonds and equities. 326 more words


Alfaculture- Innovative Technology For Production Of Hydroponic Green Fodder

Hydroponic green fodder production or Alfculture is the most viable option for feeding sheep, goats and other livestock. The interest worldwide is increasing for hydroponic fodder as a feedstuff for sheep, goats, and other livestock. 298 more words


Alfaculture To Meet Middle East’s Increasing Livestock Feed Demand

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has been a rapidly growing market for livestock products and red meat exports in the past decade. According to the exporters from India and Australia, the MENA countries are now increasingly depending on foreign imports of cattle and sheep and demanding high value portions of quality red meet. 343 more words


The Hydroponic Betta Fish Adventure

Hydroponic vegetable gardening has fascinated me ever since I saw a YouTube video of a New Yorker growing lettuce in two-liter soda bottles strung vertically along the living room window of his tiny apartment.   804 more words

Scarborough Fair: Herbs and Regrowing Lettuce

This post about growing herbs and produce reminds me of that ballad sung by Simon & Garfunkel: “Scarborough Fair”. The origins of lyrics is about the increasing impossible requirements given for unattainable love. 221 more words

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