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Reality Bites

Real. You’re always real with me. Yeah. Real. But I’m not because I wear a mask and hide. What do I hide? My reality. So you want real? 422 more words

The Twisted Path Group

Bring yourself to Life!

Sometimes, life is painful and messed up. It gets really complicated at the worst of times. Sometimes you have absolutely no idea where to go or what to do. 82 more words

Wildflower Crowns

Did you know? It’s throwback Sunday (totally a thing). This is me. Fifteen years old. Throwback to a horse and her girl. A different world. A confusing season. 910 more words


there is a great freedom
in knowing what you don’t want

it supersedes the ache most times

it feels impossible
loving someone so very much… 185 more words


Are you listening?

I am a mom, so I have these daily car conversations.

You know those pep talks you have with your kids when they are discouraged, hurt, or angry. 102 more words

Self Care

For the 26-year-old me: the gift of self-reconciliation

I wrote this for those of you who went/ are going through a similar experience, those who walked with me without abandoning me, those who are lost and not sure what to do, and of course those of you who care to read. 546 more words

why do GOD let innocent people suffer?

i’ve heard this question many times before but i never thought about it as i knew i wasn’t innocent hence, the suffering i went through, i took it as my punishment from GOD. 427 more words