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Meet After Break Up

Meet After Break Up


“I guess we’re breaking up, just so we can make it up.” 3,456 more words


HATE (Chapter 1)

Author : JennieJung
Rated : General, PG-17
Genre : Romance, Sad, Married life.
Length : Chaptered
Cho Kyuhyun
Min Eunji
Min Eun Hye
Lee Donghae… 1,863 more words



this past year has been one of illness and death

watching, waiting, grieving

this death business is not an easy one

we all know that death is inevitable… 528 more words


Caged and free all in one.

Hello, I hope everyone is well.

Today I want to share what I feel when coping with epilepsy and having a seizure. As I did have an episode today,  I am fine as is the family no worries. 419 more words

Journey Down A Path

Letting go

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one.”

I was discussing with a friend about about a negative experience from her past. 381 more words


Just because... 

I told myself I would post every Saturday but I felt the need to really tell this story.

I have an ex. For the sake of anonymity, were calling him Chris. 278 more words


The Human Spirit

The human spirit is an amazing thing. You think “I cannot survive this” or “I won’t be able to get beyond this hurt or loss”. But amazingly our spirit shows us that we can, we do have that ability. 178 more words