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Live in the present

Today I was able to connect with a lovely lady from Amsterdam. She was very open and honest with me, although we were merely strangers she cried with me and I comforted her and then listened to what was behind her pain. 369 more words


in shackles

If you’ve ever wondered why these posts are shared so late at night, it’s because, at this time, I’ve recoiled into myself, and my shackles have been tightened again. 549 more words


Masked faces and swirls of color
the ballroom glimmers,
each lie hidden by another
with every word morality grows dimmer.

Secrets are safely kept
hidden from view by a disguise, 259 more words


Stay With Me

“Stay with me.”
It was a plead, from lips that should not beg; a desperate whisper into the dimming light.

“Stay with me.”
It was a command, from a tongue that spat them with ease; a harsh hiss into the night. 98 more words


Poisoned Dagger

At first, the pain did not register.

There was shock, at first, and a hitch in her breathing as her eyes widened. The world moved at half-speed, everything slowed down as if it were trying to let her mind catch up. 315 more words


Too Fast

It happened so fast, he wasn’t even sure he had done the thing properly. She had been caught up in the spider on her windshield, determined to kill it the next chance she got, the car in front of her braked and she didn’t see it. 292 more words


Love is the only thing I know

So today I was at school having existential problems and I decided to text her. Suddenly puff. Some people always have the right words to say and it’s amazing because you don’t know what to answer. 396 more words