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Not drowning according to Robyn

I love swimming. I was born to swim and I’ve spent 18 of my 25 years doing it. I also blame the fact that I am a bit socially inept on the fact that my head was always under water during my school years. 1,020 more words


A Slate Wiper Minus The Hurricane

“Phases and stages,
circles and cycles,
and scenes that we’ve all seen before.
Let me tell you some more.”
—Willie Nelson 531 more words


[Of love] 015.

The way you moved me
started slow, sprinkles
of rain from a coming storm.
Baby, now you’re a hurricane
daring me to dance in the rain.


The hurricane and the snowfall: On Jamaican Patois and English

Whilst researching Linton Kwesi Johnson‘s poetry, I ended up reading a fair amount by Caribbean writer and scholar, Kamau Brathwaite. I was struck by his idea of… 222 more words


Hurricane-Prep Sales Tax Break Starts Monday in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. — Virginians who want to stock up on batteries, bottled water and other supplies for the hurricane season will get a tax break starting Monday. 82 more words


The Hurricane

She woke up in a closet, which was strange because she had fallen asleep in the bed next to her sister. To her sleep-deprived mind it looked more like a fort than her parent’s walk-in. 194 more words



you were this hurricane
determined to disrupt
everything on its path
including me
especially me
and you didn’t just came
you stayed and made it your aim… 12 more words