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Unexpected result - Drongo (best shot in post)

On our walk we were taking photos as usual, looking for flowers more than anything else. We saw a Fork-tailed Drongo sitting in a tree, a fair distance away and initially just took a shot of it sitting there, as this is a common sighting. 207 more words


Hot Dog

Two guys immigrate to America.  On their first
day off the boat they are wandering around New
York City seeing the sights.  As lunch time… 547 more words



I went to the zoo in Melbourne this week, it goes against every grain of my being, I believe the zoo is a sign of our inhumanity – animals hunted or brought to the brink of extinction for tusks, skins, fur and palm oil – given sanctuary in glass cages and concrete tombs. 361 more words

Newell News International

We said we were going hunting, not killing……….

Ok, ok, not the most traditional title for a post I know, but hear me out. This isn’t your typical turkey hunting story but I believe it’ll be entertaining nonetheless. 680 more words


Successful 2014 Hunting Season!

Looks like a great 2014 hunting season had by all! I’m a big believer in the fact that “successful” is determined by the memories you make during the hunting season and not by the size of the antlers. 471 more words


Jessica's Accidental Voyeurism

The door gave an inch as Jessica bumped into it on her way to the bathroom. She giggled at herself as the walls waved, maybe she was drunker than she realized. 704 more words


Hunting for Asparagus

Now that is a good pile of asparagus, right?  This was from one day of searching for a few hours.  Best of all, the whole family does this together.  591 more words