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Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 359) Spooked

The other men say their good nights to each other as Stephen pulls his wallet out of his pant pocket to pay for his drinks. He received several envelopes of currency at the funeral and is thankful he is carrying it with him tonight. 197 more words


Second of One : Budapest Part 2

I promised a follow-up and look, I’m actually delivering! I kept this separate from my general post as I knew it would likely be a long one and might not interest everyone as much. 950 more words


My Work on Religious Freedom in Hungary

I recently gave an interview at TLU about the state of religious freedom in Hungary. A youtube video of the interview is below.


The Arithmeum in Bonn

The Author adores museums devoted to a single category, such as the Clock Museum in Vienna. The Arithmeum in Bonn is another favorite. Completely dedicated to calculating machines, the Arithmeum has an array of devices ranging from ancient Mesopotamia to 17th Century Europe to our modern day. 142 more words


Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 358) Be Safe

Stephen knows he should be heading back to the manor, but the path he took into town was much longer than the hike through the woods. 191 more words


Budapest, Vienna, and Prague

Around mid May we had been living in Istanbul for 3 months. We had been working as English teachers and were getting paid under the table. 481 more words

Son of Saul star: ‘God was holding the hand of every Jew in the gas chamber’

He is the talk of Cannes thanks to his stunning performance in the unflinching Auschwitz drama Son of Saul – his first film ever. We meet teacher, poet and now movie star Géza Röhrig as he laments the ‘shallowness’ of the festival… 1,626 more words