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Today Was a Day

Ever have one of those days where you walk into a classroom and the teacher asks you to say some words of inspiration so you grin like a jerk and say things like “work hard” and “keep smiling.” Because you’re not sure if they had ever heard it before, and thank god they heard it from you. 121 more words


Guess what day it is? 

It’s Hump Day! Woo! Keep going, the weekend will be here shortly. Work hard, and let’s make it count! Think about some good things that happened during the week. 21 more words

Happy Humpday

Here’s an oldie but a goodie to help you get through the middle of the week.

XO Sarah

50 shades at work

My partner who is sort of an exercise fanatic decided he was going to learn how to do a muscle up, which is something that they do in those crazy cross-fit classes. 369 more words


Hump Day Hot Chick, Brooke Evers

Are all the girl in Australia hot?


HumpDay Quickie #56

Closing Time

by Brian S. Creek

“Another day, another dollar,” says Frank.

“Same again tomorrow,” I say as I wipe down the counter.

He chuckles. “And so it goes.” 354 more words

Flash Fiction

Hump Day

And boy do I have the hump!

I love my job to pieces and have never once dreaded coming to work in the year and a bit I have worked here; but I am becoming increasingly annoyed and frustrated with my line manager. 91 more words