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Honeybee Reaches 40 mph with Me Today!

Ok, I love convertibles, the faster the better.  This is not a mid-life crisis.  I have always had fast convertibles, preferably bright yellow.  There was that awkward stage where I had to have normal cars because I had kids (most convertibles have only two seats). 180 more words

Humor And Observations

No one could see the color blue until modern times

Paulo Philippidis / flickr

This isn’t another story about that dress, or at least, not really.

It’s about the way that humans see the world and how until we have a way to describe something, even something so fundamental as a color, we may not even notice that it’s there. 1,080 more words

Humor And Observations

'Vicious' new praying mantis discovered in Rwanda

By Elizabeth Howell

Published May 21, 2014

The female wingless “bush tiger mantis” (Dystacta tigrifrutex) from Nyungwe National Park in southwestern Rwanda. (Gavin Svenson)

On a cool and rainy night in a dense, mountainous forest in Rwanda, insect-surveying scientists discovered a new species of praying mantis, one whose wingless females are “vicious hunters” that prowl for prey as if they were marauding tigers. 310 more words

Humor And Observations

Men's finger length indicates how nice they are to women

By Kate Seamons

Published February 19, 2015


Finger length may be telling. (AP Photo/Staten Island Advance,Vincent Barone)

A study released earlier this month relied on the “2D:4D” ratio to determine that  280 more words

Humor And Observations