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A Fun Reminder

I haven’t talked about Jenn in a long, long time.  You probably don’t don’t even remember the last time I wrote about her, I know I don’t. 667 more words


Reluctant Fatherhood

By Cazey Williams

When I was 14, my dad bought me a cockatiel. Abigail was four weeks old, too young to come home, so I visited her everyday in the pet shop. 616 more words

Life In Your 20's

Wife Gets Too Much of a Good Thing

a woman has petitioned a sharia court for a divorce from her husband after just a week of marriage because . . . well read all about it here – … 58 more words


Music, Plants, and A Whole Bunch of Other Things That Have Nothing to do With Either Plants or Music

Want to know what’s difficult?

Talking to people, especially people who say things like “Tell me about yourself.”

What am I supposed to do with that? 663 more words


The Truth About Birthdays (if by "truth" I meant totally opinionated pseudo-facts)

Today it is the birthday of someone I know. Which (brace yourselves) is probably the case for many of you. Perhaps it is even your own birthday (happy birthday, from me) and the argument can certainly be made that you are someone you know. 856 more words


Big, Ugly Frogs

In Japan there’s a saying that goes like this: “Eat your biggest, ugliest frog first.”

I love this phrase, which I take to mean, “Tackle your largest problems before anything else.” When it comes to riding, transitions are the biggest, ugliest frogs in my itinerary. 679 more words


Daily Observation 2

In life you should observe different cultures.

Here is today’s daily observation.

White people love fried chicken, too

Hahaha whatever vilify me.

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