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Things Change

When I was a kid, I knew that I would either be a singer or an actress when I grew up.

I just knew.

Lizzie McGuire would be my best friend and we would go shopping all of the time and date cute boys and life would be perfect. 822 more words



  • Texas Teen Saw Massacre
  • When Things Were Way Too Weird
  • Space Probing Questions
  • Conclusions Drawn at Thirty Paces
  • Not Where You Thought They Were
  • Do You Hear What Eye Hear?
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Who You Are

A minister was asked to go visit an elderly lady who lived in a nursing home. Although he had never met the woman, he was glad to go and pay her a visit. 108 more words

Christian Living

I Don't Get It...

There are more things in this world that I will never understand then I dreams I could dream.  In all fairness there are some things I really don’t want to understand.   287 more words

The Windup and the Pitch

Or better yet the winding down of the school year and “Hello Summer you Ol’ devil you! Nice to see you again!” I can happily say that the transition from school to summer has already begun in this household. 592 more words


Think before you act, but don't OVER think before you act

When I was little , my grandfather would always say “Think before you act”.

I would say that was a pretty solid advice for the most part, especially considering the fact that granddad gave it to me after I walked in on him taking a shower… But that’s not important. 565 more words


Pure truth or "that's a true fact"

Wisdom from a country song

God is great

Beer is good

and people are crazy…