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Espionage and Mullets.

I have two views on my blog located from a mysterious country known as the European Union. Click on the image, you can see it better and it’s all botched on the thumbnail. 239 more words


Chris Brown's First Child

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50 Weird Thai Nicknames

If you’ve ever been to Thailand, you’d know that parents name their kids ridiculous things like Balloon, Banana and Fanta.

Especially since Thais look up to all things foreign and western, giving their kids English nicknames is not uncommon. 264 more words


Harrison Ford Survives Plane Crash


BREAKING NEWS: Harrison Ford Survives Plane Crash.
Unfortunately, his hospital bed tipped up and dropped him into a dark, snake-filled vault where he was crushed to death by a huge, rolling ball with spikes sticking out of it.


Mind-boggling or Mind-bungling

Can it be that somewhere in the brain is the key?

“Man, that is really mind-boggling!”

Not my mind, but then, maybe my mind has already been boggled and I don’t know it. 657 more words


I Spy Fail

a group of MPs have suggested the UK intelligence services should recruit more woman – suggesting the MUMSNET website would be a rich source of female spies ( 49 more words