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Mango Appeal

it’s become increasingly difficult for 1st time buyers in the UK to afford a home

perhaps they ought to appeal directly to ‘call me Dave’ Cameron to provide them with a home in the manner in which Marleny Olivo asked Venezualian President Nicolas Maduro for a house ? 10 more words


And The Kick'd Shall Inherit The Earth

It was rumored in our class the Nommel knelt in front of the principal.

It didn’t surprise me that extreme measures were taken. It surprised me that it came to kneeling. 764 more words


Look it up in the Dictionary

(Warning: the following blog contains colourful language.)

‘Look it up in the dictionary!’

We’ve all said it. We’ve all done it. But have we ever really considered this act in all its lunacy? 622 more words


Theology for the Future

The Trinity is one of the most powerful concepts of Christian thought. In a nutshell, the Trinity is the representation of the one Supreme God in three distinct parts. 831 more words


Poison & Wine.

This is what I know: people’s hopes go on forever.” – Junot Diaz

I am back at home tonight, sad to have left my friends in Austin, but grateful for the quiet a night in provides. 540 more words