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To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism; to steal ideas from many is research


The Cat's Out of the Bag

I was just going to go to work and back home. It wasn’t a patient day, just time for the office help to get caught up and set up a new computer.  115 more words


New York's 6,942 Dirty Vanity Plates. Part 1.

New York State recently unveiled a list of refused requests for vanity plates.  Its nasty and dumb and sometimes makes no sense.  Enjoy, read along.  And long and long.   4,376 more words


TrueLife: I've never seen Scarface until tonight

I may receive some serious shit for this, but I’ve never seen the movie Scarface until, well… right now. My guy friends were flabbergasted at my Al Pacino virginity,  so here we go. 9 more words


Popeye’s breakfast

I’ve been trying to drop a few pounds before my upcoming vacation.  I tried on some shorts a few weeks ago, and they were tight to say the least. 295 more words


Flatter Than Flat

I trailed my dad when I was a little kid.  A man came to visit one day.  He and Daddy dawdled by his truck talking before the man left.   97 more words


What Fundamentalists Are Missing About Religious Freedom Bills

What Fundamentalists Are Missing About Religious Freedom Bills – http://huff.to/1M0emem

Please pass on so we can stop the hating.

I have 12 years of Catholic education, I’m 100% sure Jesus didn’t care if you were a whore or a leper as long as you were a good person. 86 more words