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How to ruin any food: batter fried chicken

Welcome to another Saturday night of ruining food! Tonight we’re going to ruin batter fried chicken!  Before anyone asked, yes, this is quite similar to my post last August of ruining fried chicken ( 830 more words


Cousin Barbie Gets Married

A few years ago Mother got the thrilling news that her cousin Cookie’s daughter was getting married. When Cookie and Mother were young, they were dear friends, but time and circumstances had come between them.   495 more words


Note to self-don't use old Chapstick!

I dropped a piece of jewelry on the floor, and when I bent down to pick it up, I found some Chapstick under my dresser.  God knows how long it was under there for.   56 more words


Motivational speaker relies on ‘feel-good fluff’ to inspire corporate audiences 

Iggy “The Eye-Opener” Davidson, a motivational speaker living in Las Vegas, said Monday that his unique blend of vague and meaningless advice has helped him win the hearts and trust of cubicle-dwellers across the country. 750 more words



BBQ Shack–that’s where it’s at

BBQ Shack–that’s where it’s at

There’s a little place I know

It doesn’t take much dough

BBQ Shack–that’s where it’s at… 34 more words



A soothing hand massage, with lovely lotion to help soften already fairly soft skin.  Seemed just the trick right?  Now I should warn you, my hands are fairly soft not because I take great care of them.   273 more words

Bird poop

Today I have been called to write about bird crap and about why it upsets me so when I find it thickly pasted to my car. 191 more words