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The Litany of Humility has pretty much become infamous among Catholics for being one of those prayers that gives you exactly what you ask for in exactly the way you don’t want to… 403 more words


Following in His Steps: Part 2a — Observing Jesus’ Example of Service

I previously wrote a short review of the book, In His Steps, by Charles Sheldon.  I told how the book has deeply affected me and how I now feel led to do this bible study on the subject of following in His steps. 713 more words

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One thing that’s hard in our culture is giving and receiving real honest feedback.  But the only way to get to new levels of accomplishment is to be able to constructively say and hear honest feedback. 252 more words

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Off Your High Horse

Here I sit in a Starbucks keenly aware of my surroundings. The scurry of activity makes even my ADD move to a different level. I can see above each person’s head a story, a need, a history, a song, a calling and a life untold and unlived unbeknownst to them. 667 more words

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