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The Broken Shield - Sample Four

Kayden sat at his usual table, jug of wine nearly empty, the serving staff doing their best to ignore him. If he caught them they would have to serve him another jug, and he was becoming quite aware they did not want to do that. 1,228 more words

Chad Battleheart


She crashed through the underbrush, branches whipping bare skin. Lifeblood dripped from scratches, soaking the soil, eventually feeding those with which she shared her homes. Heart pounding, she pushed on. 69 more words

CarrotRanch 99 Word Flash Fiction

Look, Ma! I'm on Humans of USC!

Yesterday, I was featured on Humans of USC! My lovely friend and fellow Annenberg Scholar featured me and shot me around campus; here are some of the words that tumbled out of my mouth: 152 more words


Musings on Evolution and Sex

I cannot tell you why I started thinking about evolution and sex this morning while I was doing my morning meditation. I don’t recall reading any news stories about evolution lately, and I don’t often think about science subjects on my own. 349 more words


Charlie the train

There goes by with its humming call. As the bus he is in crosses the street. The choo chooing train cuts its way through the mist and goes to a journey he would never see. 204 more words



All over- thinkers are manipulative control freaks.