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Review: Humans, "Episode One"

Humans has everything to make a great show. It’s actually incredible, just how much the new AMC scifi series has going for it – a phenomenal cast led by Gemma Chan, Colin Morgan, and William Hurt; solid production value; talented directors; gorgeous cinematography and effects; and a strong premise brimming with talent and potential. 973 more words


TV Talk | New Shows

It’s summer which means new shows to check out along with getting excited about the returning shows. Let’s talk the latest shows that have caught my eye… ;-) 581 more words

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The most efficient way to hate people

In case you have just emerged from under a rock or inside a cryogenic freezing chamber, let me bring you up to speed: People hate each other. 1,061 more words


Lacking total recall

What’s your earliest memory? Chances are you can’t remember anything before the age of three. Otherwise known as childhood amnesia, it affects us all but isn’t quite the stuff of Hollywood. 976 more words


Ends and Beginnings...

On Sunday as I walked down the drive way of Bedlam Farm to my car I began to cry…

But that was the last day of the Bedlam Farm Open House in Upstate new York hosted by Author Jon Katz – that was the end. 2,202 more words