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Amazingly Intoxicating

Do you ever become so infatuated with a human that you just need to study them, memorize their movements, understand them? They consume daily thoughts and cause you to crave their presence. 402 more words

The Divine Huntress

In Greek Mythology there is a story about ARTEMIS, the divine huntress.

Artemis was the supreme huntress because the way she hunted was effortless. She fulfilled her needs so easily and lived in perfect harmony with the forest. 929 more words


Bone Dry

I stand corrected. I thought that “thirst” was somebody having a crush on someone else, and treating them as if they were already dating. I remember going on a tirade once about what is the big deal? 198 more words


Mac loves me, Mac loves me not

I have a love/hate relationship with the computer. I didn’t grow up with one. My parents first bought a computer when I was about 14 and the only thing I ever did on it was try to make a birthday banner for my Mom using the roll of paper that was perforated to make pages and had holes on each side. 388 more words


Toothy Cleaning and What Happens

The recommended two minute brush tours of my teeth somehow lead me to take extended trips through my mind. How to get rich, what someone might’ve really meant, or falling off cruise ships. 230 more words

Creative Writing

Scared of changing friendships

I’m happy about all my friendships.
I’m proud of every single one, because they’re differently special.
I’m scared of meeting new faces.
Scared that new faces will change something. 276 more words