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The Belief in the Reality of our Expectations

It wasn’t me, it had nothing to do with me and it wasn’t even what I wanted to do. I had to do what I did on behalf of the non existent entity called (government, institution, corporation) because that was what it demanded of me. 1,214 more words

Human Behavior

Conscious Vehicle

What brings about suffering is not the external itself, but the desire to alter it. Therefore, let life do as it will, simply follow along in the role provided. 212 more words



Out of darkness, you come screaming into the light.  With determination and wide-eyed curiosity, gravity’s power wanes and you learn to walk, to run, to forget…   722 more words


This world is beautiful. It is beautiful because it is full of differences.

Imagine if you grew up seeing the same face everywhere? Your father looked the same as your mother, who was no different from your grandmother who looked exactly like your school teacher? 268 more words