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Embrace Your Humanity

A loved one passes away. We suffer a financial setback. Our marriage hits the rocks. We are diagnosed with a serious, maybe life-threatening illness. Our children struggle. 135 more words

David's Corner

The Diary Entry Of An Alcoholic

I am no lover……..

Of what is sipped from the tip of my tongue

And the edge of my lips

The essence of what wets the meat of my buds… 92 more words


A great realization. An amazing day.

What’s astonishing about power, fame and wealth?

Are they more important than family, friends and health?

Why does our country suffer from poverty hunger? 116 more words



“Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.” I don’t know about you but past disappointments and failures have had a crippling effect on me. 72 more words


Just Penned!! - A little brittle flower opaque

Exploring ignorance
To unearth me
Petal by petal unwound
A little brittle flower opaque

Light found it hard to pass through
Flower adamant to budge… 81 more words


The Spirit of a True Leader

It burns me that despite all the education we are exposed to and progress we have made, today we sorely lack decent leaders. One cannot lead a people they have no connection with. 315 more words


CSW 59 and Beijing +20

Acronyms run the world and I though I should gather some join the band on it. Now if you have been following the news you are most probably aware what the fancy letters stand for and for those who want a quicker way, here it is: 347 more words

Chiang Mai