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Facebook Medicine and Faith Healing

Author’s Note: The information in this image is false. Okra water does not cure diabetes. It is not a substitute for insulin. Please consult a medical professional before doing anything drastic. 926 more words


The Art of Giving Up

Right from the time that we can comprehend it, we’re feed this idea of never giving up. Ever. No matter what happens, no matter how long our struggle, all we have to do is keep pushing and keep believing and we will be rewarded for it in the end. 716 more words


Things I believe will happen in the future

This post has nothing to see with astrology or guessing the future, but about things I assume would happen to humanity and the planet in a near and far future, following also the modern tendencies of our humanity mind. 634 more words



I lust for my contentness though not the
vain man’s kind. Oh, how I wish, I search, for all
the perfect words! I will encompass all… 28 more words


On Atheism and the Atheist.

What exactly is atheism? You might think it is the total rejection of any possible belief in a deity. And while this often the case, it is not strictly accurate. 1,966 more words


The Bible: Ridiculously Unreliable.

I hear it so often in my dialogues with Christians that one almost has to wonder if it is a mantra of sorts. It’s a statement that is made repeatedly, with an air of absolute authority, as though the very words themselves, spoken in precisely this sequence, are a type of magical incantation that thoroughly refutes and defeats the doubting freethinkers who have the audacity to question that most sacred of texts: the Bible. 7,178 more words


The "Patented Answers" of Christians...

In the interest of preserving faith and “shutting their eyes,” Christians often devise patented statements that can be used like a rescue device. This usually amounts to some kind of platitude or mantra that, once voiced, can restore the Christian’s inner sense of security in the face of threatening information or horrific trials. 2,555 more words