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The American Taliban

Warning: the American Taliban is on the move. Tamara Scott, a Republican National Committeewoman just made the case in Iowa for teaching Christianity in public schools during an address to the Republican Presidential Forum: 762 more words


The proof of evolution

“How do you know where you end and where your environment begins”

I feel not enough number of people spend time introspecting and really knowing themselves. 129 more words

How do we future-proof humanity?

This blog represents my perspective on the intersection of technology and humanity. It will examine the benefits and pitfalls of emerging technologies from a strictly logical/scientific perspective. 57 more words


Why do women hide their penises? If only the believers could get hypothetical

By David Ince

First posted in No Religion Know Reason 

‘Why do you hate God?’

‘Why are you so mad at him?’

‘What did he ever do to hurt you?’ 3,467 more words



May emanation be. May creation absolve. May the energy of resonance divine its vibration downwards to the roots of life. May meaning resolve our angst and purpose emerge from the cacophony of living spirit. 52 more words


Indiana's Religious Freedom Law

Being that they want to uphold biblical principles, I wonder if those businesses in Indiana will withhold service to couples on their second marriage as well.




Oh poem-
you cup
you bucket
you reservoir of pain-
you taut thread of truth,
preserver of memory
and misery.
Open wider this time.
Accept this blood offering- 25 more words