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Zero Sum Game

Lethal competition should be thrown out the window when a mature adult human contemplates mortality, for even two minutes. Start the timer:

You are going to die. 339 more words


Gaming Culture : Trying to Find Outlet in the Age of Castration of Modern Man - with Rise of Menist Movement

Action and Reaction

Development of civilization into the direction of caged menness with the rise of the feminist movement : Modern men has lost its foundation to stand on. 27 more words


Global Recombinant Human Insulin Market Research 2015 Industry Analysis, Overview and Development

Global Recombinant Human Insulin Industry 2015 Market Survey Study Analysis and Overview : Industry Trend, Size, Share, Growth and Forecast

A Detailed analysis of the international and China Recombinant Human Insulin market is presented in the Global Recombinant Human Insulin Industry 2015. 103 more words

Marty Glickman - A Regretted Decision

When you regret something that happened many years ago, the understanding of why there is regret allows for the release of energy that’s creating the burden and holding it in place. 654 more words


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Book Review: The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov

The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was my first Isaac Asimov novel and it was okay. I didn’t think it was earth shattering, it was simply entertaining enough to hold my interest to the end. 391 more words


Detroit Bound.

Finally, homeward bound, to familiar territory. 

Tomorrow morning, promptly at 9:30 AM, I along with my classmates will be boarding a bus to travel two hours South to Detroit, Michigan. 376 more words



The final phrase in Eckhart Tolle’s quote fascinates me. I find that the closer I get to the end of my “little while” in the universe the more I get it :) Leigh… 10 more words