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Meet the New Human Barbie, Who Says She’s Been Raised As A “Living Doll”

Russia’s newest Human Barbie is virtually fresh out of the box.

Angelica Kenova, a 26-year-old model from Moscow, Russia, is after world’s most infamous human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova‘s pink plastic crown. 22 more words

"Gyminy Cricket"

The Problem:

The gym is an awesome place to go, it is fun, feels good and gives us a chance to get into shape. Like most amazing things, there are those who just take it overboard and ruin it for everyone. 496 more words


So many broken faces, so little healing spaces. - by Stephanie Esterhuizen


I see broken faces, they smile,

not to big to care and just a little to not be notice,

I see broken contact,

contact that are just short of emotion and just long enough to perceive  you are there, 279 more words


I recently found a new site called Brain Pickings. It’s a site dedicated to sharing pieces of knowledge from art, science, psychology, design, philosophy, history, politics, anthropology, and more. 302 more words


What If There Were No Toilets?

Could you imagine what would happen if there were no toilets? The fertile imagination of some persons might want to suggest that all we would need to do to cope with this is to have every human being wear pampers! 608 more words

AUDIO | "Burn Money" x "Holy Jewels & Ghost Gems" x "Bloody Sunday" @greygranite @iyamjohnstamps @HumanIII

G Granite has been busy dropping singles the past few weeks that all will be leading up to his upcoming Rich In The Blood 2 album that’s dropping on June 1st. 72 more words



“Now listen to my voice dear mine

There once was peace within

When all for us did stand the time

And lust for blood was sin… 79 more words