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A Writer's Path to the Swimming Hole

Don’t forget, you have to walk back, uphill.

(Palouse Falls State Park, Washington)

Creative Writing

Why You Can't Tell Time With a Camera

Sun dials aren’t meant to be relative to you.

Ah, art, you reveal your true colours!

Human Wisdom Vs. Book Knowledge

Poetry and the Present Tense

The present tense, so useful for bringing immediacy to writing …

… fits with the wisdom that we live in the present, remember the past and imagine the future… 100 more words

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Make It New, Ezra Pound Said

OK, Ez, this one’s for you.


All plots start like this.

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The Road to Nowhere

It’s also from Nowhere.

Go somewhere instead.


How to Tell If You're a Poet

At sacred sites in some landscapes, what is not red is not rock.

And what is red is sacred. The why of this is not written in books. 22 more words

Human Wisdom Vs. Book Knowledge