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was utterly wrecked
by ‘Bridegroom: A Love Story
Unequalled’ this week.

In regards to the hashtag, to lift from Shane Bitney Crone’s fb page… 145 more words


No Brotherhood with Bloodlust: A Poem of Protest against Xenophobia in South Africa

No Brotherhood with Bloodlust

You, South African

You, filled with cancerous hate

Merciless sealer of innocent fate

You, persecutor of the ‘other’

You are not my brother… 71 more words


The European Union Must Adequately Address Migrant Deaths at Sea

Over 1000 migrants dead at sea in a 1 week period  should prompt the European Union to act immediately to prevent any further deaths from occurring. 194 more words

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. Second Report on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders in the Americas. Vol. II. Swedish Foundation of Human Rights, 2011.

The author’s project is to clarify what persons qualify as a human rights defenders, follow up on the last report from the Inter-American Commission on Human rights, and lastly go over many of the challenges human rights defenders face in Venezuela. 310 more words

Human Rights

What is the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership?

CORRECTION: Londoners, head to Shepherd's Bush for #TTIP protests today, Which HQ was yesterday (see photo) pic.twitter.com/E9CEBvNjto

— UK Uncut (@UKuncut) April 18, 2015

Over 500 protests taking place around the world against free trade pacts today – this is global resistance!

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Jenny Nordberg: Who’s Afraid of a Feminist Foreign Policy?

When a new, left coalition government came to power last fall, its Green Party members insisted that the relationship with Saudi Arabia conflicted with Sweden’s values, as well as with the image it wants to project abroad.

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Human Rights

Iran’s Secret Massacre: 1988 The Untold Legacy ▪ Iranian.com

Iran’s Secret Massacre: 1988 The Untold Legacy ▪ Iranian.com.

This summer marks the 26th anniversary of Iran’s massacre against political prisoners in 1988. The shock and terror inflicted on the Iranian nation when tens of thousands of prisoners were executed in a matter of months went unnoticed in the international sphere, and unresolved in the Iranian psyche. 1,265 more words

Human Rights