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Stars Like Music

It is interesting what
one person does to this world
If it weren’t for you so many
would not develop what was
meant to unfold… 20 more words


Have you ever noticed that when you are driving, everybody who drives slower than you is an annoying jerk who is slowing everybody down by just puttering along obliviously, but that anybody who passes you is a raging speed-demon bent on causing vehicular mayhem?

Oh… wait… I seem to have said everything I meant to say right in the title and now there isn’t really anything to put down here in the actual post… I hate it when that happens… takes some of the joy out of being so frightfully clever in pointing out an amusing foible of human nature… I guess that is another reason I love Photoshop so much… I could have done some funny pictures and stuck them in here… but it is a three day weekend and even the crack squirrels in my head are taking it easy.


The Human Right Campaign

Friends have friends to share companion with.



Sorry not sorry...

Entitlement issues

I do not know exactly how or when this happened, but it seems to me that over the last several years, I’ve been noticing more and more that some people have begun to think that they are owed something. 281 more words

Life Lessons

Falcon spying

Thanks to a video cam feed of a nesting box on the 14th floor of a nearby office tower, I have become a spy in the home of a falcon family.  658 more words

Human Nature

Knowing where you stand...

I have only been a Grandparent for 5 years but I am convinced Grandchildren were put on this earth to let their Grandparents know where they stand in the grand scheme of things. 317 more words


Wells Tower says:

“I can’t explain why I did these things, except to say that I carry a little imp inside me whose ambrosia is my brother’s wrath.”