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Identity, Conflict and Peace

Current events in, or emanating from, the Middle East, as well as dozens of other – highly publicised or relatively obscure – conflicts around the world are deeply troubling, not only for the inevitable loss of life that they incur, but for the various degrees of barbarity and depravity they reveal and the existential threat they pose to our hopes and expectations that human history will be marked by ineluctable progress towards a more peaceful world. 2,689 more words


A Cultural Nomad

When I was barely five years of age, my parents moved back form the lush and wonderful heart of the English Countryside, the beguiling historic little town of Guildford where I was born, to their native country of Iraq. 1,532 more words


Human nature

The Shangri-Las’ song, I Can Never Go Home Anymore, was recently discovered last week while playing the Wild movie soundtrack.  Enamored with the book by Cheryl Strayed and the film starring Reese Witherspoon; the soundtrack had been an impulsive purchase which sat in my car console untouched last year.  1,431 more words


Changing The Problem When The Problem Is Me

Hi. My name is Poui Season (for the sake of this blog), and I have a problem.

For years now, I have allowed myself to be less than discerning about people I entertain as quality folks in my life. 1,051 more words