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A new place for Tacos: Authentaco

One bit of Chicago lore is that on the intersection of Ashland and Division nearly every storefront in sight is a La Pasadita taqueria. It’s true, there used to be 3 Pasaditas within a 1 block radius, but a little while ago, one of them closed, and reopened later as… 317 more words


Good Eatin': Mexican at Mestizo

List Item: Try 500 of the 1001 Foods You Must Try Before You Die

I have been trying to get someone to go to Mestizo… 365 more words

Bucket List

El huitlacoche, regalo del maíz

En México existen unas 200 especies comestibles de hongos. El huitlacoche (Ustilago maydis) es un regalo del maíz y es un legado de cocina tradicional que viene de la época prehispánica. 23 more words


Machete Tacos + Tequila

Denver may be better known for its burritos, but the Mile High City has its fair share of tacos, both famous and traditional. You might have heard of Pinche Taqueria. 422 more words


Smutty Spores

Halloween is upon us once again, bringing with it an endless buffet of “creepy” eats and other grotesque delights. Spaghetti worms and grape eyeballs are perhaps some of the most infamous edible gags, but more modern cooks have become increasingly creative with their monstrous recipes. 812 more words


Niño Viejo, Mexican Food, Sant Antoni

Albert Adria is coming close to having more restaurants than I have fingers on my hands.   Just a couple of weeks ago a new one opened.   523 more words


Huitlacoche - Aquí es Texcoco and Olympic Mercado

I wonder how many gringos had huitlacoche for both lunch and dinner yesterday? Well, I did.

Huitlacoche is a fungus that grows on the corn plant, and the unappetizing english translation is corn smut. 338 more words