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Hugs for the World

“Be the first to hug and you will be the most to be the hugged” ~Sajid Baig
Hugs don’t always fix the problems you’re facing, but they sure do make you feel better while you’re going through them.   9 more words


Have You Counted A Hug?

Hugs are great, any time of the day!

But have you ever counted how long a hug lasts?

Well, no need to count – an average hug lasts 3 seconds. 6 more words


It gets murky...

It’s not that I’ve forgotten you, sweet angel of mine, it’s that I just lost myself for a little while.  You’ve been there so strong and true.  

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Kait King

Bear Hugs and I'm Sorrys.

“I’m not here to be your friend, I’m here to be your parent.”

That statement has never really sat well with me. I get the thought behind the idea, but I’ve always felt that being an effective parent requires staying relevant in a child’s life beyond drill sargeant and enforcer. 416 more words


Things I have learned

For a hug or embrace to be effective, it takes a minimum of six (6) seconds.

When I say “effective,” I mean it trigger oxytocin and/or endorphins–the feel good neurochemicals to increase production.


Practice Hugging Daily

Last week, I very conveniently got a cold, so for the first few days I spared strangers of making them sick, too. I can’t necessarily say that I feel bad about it, hugging total strangers feels weird to me; especially since I’m someone who doesn’t really like kissing people or shaking hands either. 229 more words

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