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"I never liked roller coasters anyway..."

This week was turning out to be the best one we’ve had since we’ve been up at King’s. The sun’s been out, Hugo’s not only been a blast to be around but clinically, he’s been in the best condition since the Hickman line mishap, having appeared to have quickly kicked the adenovirus out of his system, and I had a trip home planned for some serious R&R (and a few bubbles, of course). 2,597 more words

2,5 åringar

Ja, i veckan fyllde Hugo och Lilly 2,5 år. Och det skulle ju firas…

Lilly fick ett pott-set i present och Hugo blev överlycklig för sitt flygplan (på hjul) från filmen Flygplan. 50 more words


bravery bubble gum with a side of chocolate flea cake



100.0000000.000000.000 piles of poo

toe nails

2 cups of slug slime

Things you need:




Steps to make:

You will need to melt the slug slime in your cauldron.  66 more words


19/05/2015 - Hugo en el veterinario

Ayer tuvimos que llevar a Hugo al veterinario porque esta malito; estamos muy pendientes de el y queremos agradecer muchísimo a su casa de acogida sus esfuerzos y sobre todo a CLINICA VETERINARIA SANTA RITA que nos ayuda siempre en todo. Muchas gracias!!