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...the greek tragedy, a vindication of the bolivarian strategy...

…the troika of global capitalism will crush any deviation from neoliberal policies…

The prescience of the late Hugo Chávez of Venezuela shines bright at each twist and turn in Greece’s negotiations with the troika of the IMF, the ECB and the EU. 693 more words


Un "Hail Mary" criollo

On Monday, the head of the Consejo Nacional Electoral in Venezuela, Tibisay Lucena, finally announced that December 6th as the date for this year’s parliamentary election after months of delays.  838 more words

Venezuela Sets a Date for Change

Finally: a ray of light in Venezuela’s ever-steeper, ever-darker descent into an inferno of repression and chaos. Yesterday the Venezuelan government announced December 6 as the date of the next elections to the National Assembly, after a delay so long that some surmised that President Nicolás Maduro had simply decided to violate the constitution and not hold them at all. 932 more words


Portrait of a political leader - in word and deed

No media creation, she. And among the few exceptional leaders in an America, where they all hail from the south.

At TeleSUR, Prof Juan Pablo Ferrero paints a portrait of the Argentina President, Cristina Fernández Kirchner (CFK). 155 more words


An Oil Strike in No Man’s Land

At first glance, it looks like the miracle Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has been holding out for has finally happened. Exxon Mobil recently announced a “significant” oil find, and the drilling of its first offshore well, in the Stabroek Block, just a few miles off the Venezuelan coast. 1,151 more words

Latin America

Jon Snow: a history of inanity

Yesterday we discussed an inane tweet sent out by Jon Snow, a news anchor on Britain’s ITN, after the death, on June 5, of Tariq Aziz, Saddam Hussein’s sometime Foreign Minister. 314 more words


Pelo Malo review

in Spanish with English subtitles

Venezuela/Peru/Germany | 2013 | col | dir. Mariana Rondón, with Samuel Lange, Samantha Castillo, María Emilio Sulbarán

*some spoilers 

Pelo Malo literally means “bad hair” in Spanish.  847 more words