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THE REWRITE Review - A Second Chance...



In a day and age when the vast majority of movies that roll out on a nationwide scale are all about high-concept plotting, franchise-worthy source material and showy, effects-heavy scope, there is little room in multiplexes for well-written, character-centric ensemble pieces—no matter who is starring in them. 476 more words


Shia LaBeouf: Intro, Abstract, Lit Review, Methodology and Research

Mel Plemons & Emily Baker


Shia LaBeouf has participated in a number of shenanigans that have made others question whether he is just a disaster waiting to happen, or if his need for attention is truly a cry for help, including allegations of plagiarism, numerous arrests, confusing tweets and apologies, with his most recent shenanigan being his participation in Sia’s Elastic Heart video, featuring LaBeouf with a ten-year-old, which was seen as child pornography. 1,190 more words

The Rewrite: Witty romantic comedy with some meaty lines

2014 (UK) 2015 (USA)

Starring: Hugh Grant (Sense and Sensibility), Marisa Tomei (My Cousin Vinny), J.K.                           Simmons (Whiplash)

Director and Writer: Marc Lawrence ( 557 more words

Christian Movie Review

Elusive Englishmen?

“I lived in the UK for 7 years and never met any man who was anything like either Hugh Grant or Colin Firth”

Heard this morning whilst walking to work. 910 more words


Nine Months 1995

“Nine Months” director Chris Coumbus, actors Hugh Grant, Julianne Moore, Jeff Goldblum. (c) VENICE July 1995

"TWO WEEKS NOTICE" (2002) Review

“TWO WEEKS NOTICE” (2002) Review

If I must be brutally honest, the age of Hollywood romantic comedies had bid its farewell a long time ago. Although the film industry has released a small share of movies in this genre in the past thirty or forty years, a good number of them simply failed to measure up to the numerous romantic comedies that came from the Hollywood studios – especially between 1934 and 1965. 1,069 more words

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Mel Plemons & Emily Baker: Shia LaBeouf Abstract & Introduction

Abstract on Shia LaBeouf and his shenanigans

Mel and I chose to do our image repair paper on Shia LaBeouf for many reasons. One, he is not the same innocent and funny child he was on the famous show “Even Stephens. 760 more words