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By the time one has read this post, it would be clear why I had two posts up my wall.

Each of us have countless memories that make us smile unconsciously. 162 more words


Leisure Time

It’s my leisure time , not that much leisure but it seems to be however i have many works pending and many scattered. I don’t have clear vision & mission to accomplish those tasks so i’m here to my totally new way to explore my thoughts & creativity.

33 more words

Creative Blog Award!

I have been nominated by the great and wonderful JoeyfullyStated. She is a brilliant writer, fellow mother and I adore her blog! I am always gratful to be nominated because it means that she has taken the time to think of me!!! 383 more words


Weekly Recap 3/28

This week seemed like it last for three — at least. Yet, it wasn’t all that much different from the week before. One thing was certain. 404 more words


Friday Night - Pizza Night

In our household, we have our very first weekly tradition. Friday nights have become pizza nights! Not your local store bought, greasy pizza, but a fresh, thin crust pizza with all the great toppings and adequate cheese a pizza should have. 173 more words


Mommy's not invited 

After BeanBoy passed out early and went to bed…it was just Hubby, CamMan, and Myself. A nice quiet meal full of quality CamMan time!

Dinner followed with JellyBelly jellybean taste test fun with Daddy and CamMan. 150 more words

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