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TCA Peel 24% review

Hi guys. So I have been getting TCA peel since I was 22 which was many many moons ago. I get them about twice a year for a little over a decade now. 462 more words

Make Up Tutorial

How to wax your own eyebrows! Yes you!

I have been waxing my own eyebrows now four years. If you are wondering why check out my blog about carminic make up tattooed eyebrows. Yes I have permanent make up. 390 more words


Key Lime Coconut Cashew Butter

I’m a big fan of cashews. They’re kind of every vegan’s best friend, am I right? Soak those babies overnight and they will transform into a creamy cheese to add to your lasagna or a filling for your favorite pie with very little effort. 239 more words


Superior Source Vitamin Review

“How MicroLingual® Technology Surpasses Other Nutrition Delivery Systems

  • 38% of all Americans prefer not to swallow pills

  • Many dietary supplements taken orally pass straight through the digestive system…

  • 708 more words

Amanda Lollar's attorney Dean Rocco says it'll cost $144,000 to respond to my short appeal, Bat World Sanctuary.

Dean Rocco an attorney at Wilson, Elser estimates that he will spend 275 hours appealing a restraining order for his client Amanda Lollar. Even though in court just a month ago he said his hourly wage was $350/hr, he is now saying his hourly rate is $525/hr. 489 more words

Amanda Lollar

Amanda Lollar, Bat World Sanctuary posts when files motions, not when she loses them.

Amanda Lollar filed a motion for contempt against me. Amanda Lollar said I’d soon be in jail. She posted photoshop images of my head on a prison inmate body saying I’m going to jail. 1,143 more words

Amanda Lollar