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Diversify Your Education!

Tomorrow I am speaking with the SHRM-UTSA Chapter on HR Certifications. I’m looking forward to this, as the SHRM-UTSA Chapter is one of the places that I discovered that I had an interest in Human Resources! 505 more words

Human Resources

How big data is changing recruitment forever

It used to be said that employers made up their minds whether or not to hire a prospective candidate within 5 minutes of sitting down to interview them. 55 more words

Business Intelligence

Ole kohe päris minu oma!

Mõni aeg tagasi kohtusin juhuslikult ühe endise noore töökaaslasega. Rääkisime tüüpilist kuidas_sul_läheb_mul_läheb_hästi viisakusjuttu ja ehk oleks see kohtumine mul juba meelestki läinud, kui poleks olnud ühte lauset, mis mind kummitama jäi. 646 more words


Why You Might Want To Hire A Coach

Life is about further developing yourself and growing.  If you’re not growing, not only are you staying behind the curve, but you might even begin to see your skills begin to erode and diminish. 393 more words

Regulation 37

The ‘positive duty to review’ and the weapon to ‘protect the public purse’

There’s an introduction to regulation 37 here on the ‘The Regs – and what they mean to you’ 772 more words

Injury On Duty Award

Leaders: Wag More, Bark Less

I confess, this title was not made up by me. My wife saw a bumper sticker with this sentiment and shared it with me.

I think the basic wisdom in the phrase is great and wish there was a way to get some managers to understand the simple logic here. 528 more words

Enabling Actions

The difference between wellness and wellbeing 

A lot of people seem to use both words as synonyms, but don’t actually realise that there’s a difference.

Wellbeing refers to a more holistic whole-of-life experience, whereas… 687 more words

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