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How to Write a Book--4

 This is the boring technical stuff that scares the living B-Jeebers out of many Family Historians! We tend to be delicate creative souls…not to be bothered by scholarly details and creepy stuff like “math.”

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Book - Chapter 1 

Summer thought to herself this can’t be real. She rubbed her eyes in disbelief, there led on the ground was what can only be described as a big man with short brown hair, the remains of a pair of Ray-Bans covering his eyes, dressed in casual clothes but with an ear piece in his ear. 147 more words


Book - Chapter 1 

Her phone rang. It was her brother Maxwell: “Hey Summer, don’t tell Mum but I’ve been in a fight, I need your help! Meet me by the lane in 10 minutes!’ … 42 more words


Hierarchy and scene

Here’s one for you all.  One thing they (whoever they are) teach in improv is the idea that a scene becomes interesting whenever there’s a change in status. 375 more words

How To Write A Book

Start of the book

Summer sat there like she always did in her egg shaped chair that hanged from the ceiling, it had been a present from her grandmother one she didn’t ever understand why she had been given it, she didn’t like eggs nor did she really like bouncing around like a jack in the box, it was comfy though and could spin around and around then let go and it would unwind itself spinning you round like a dog chasing its tail. 46 more words


Happy Tuesday to All

Today Maybe someone should write that down… has gone off on a field trip with Mom. I’m guest blogging on the PressBooks site, writing a quick synopsis of the How to Write a Book series. 132 more words


Uncomfortable Scenes: White Bones by Graham Masterson

I’ve been reading White Bones by Graham Masterson.

It’s splendidly written, in that there’s conflict going on in each scene, and the stakes keep getting higher.   282 more words

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