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A Year has passed since I Wrote my Note

As life flows by, we set our works and words to float away from our casting hands. A 140 character thought, a status update that may or may not demand attention, a blog post, an article, an essay, an academic writing, a book. 384 more words



By Dr. Rosie Milligan

How Long Have You Been Pregnant With That Book Baby? What Are You Waiting For? Tell Your Story Now Because You Cannot Tell It From The Grave. 323 more words

Another Day in Paradise

So what I usually do at work is sit at an intersection and direct traffic. Where I’ve been recently is right next to a port-a-potty so I have a few people pass by me. 320 more words

How To Write A Book

Getting Started is Always the Hardest Part

Yesterday I finally started writing my book, and just like with anything else, was hard to start. You know how you set that goal to train for a marathon, and you run about half a mile before you stop to walk because it hurts? 538 more words

How To Write A Book

With Self-Publishing You Are In Control!

At Oasis Publishing House we frequently get asked why someone should self-publish their book instead of going to a publisher.  The title of this blog post answers your question.   222 more words

How To Self-Publish A Book

Become An Expert By Writing Your Own Book!

When you have written your own book you then become an author. The word “author” is the root word for authority!  If you want to become an authority on a topic then take that step and write your first book. 186 more words

How To Self-Publish A Book

Book Update: It Must Take Flight

It happened all of a sudden.

After writing for a year and three months, plus another five or so months editing, I arrived at another landmark. 642 more words