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Stress Free Zone

 10 steps to relax and a bonus, you can do anywhere at anytime

  1. Breathe deeply and listen to the sound of your breath to still fluctuations of the mind.
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My Favorite Relaxation Technique

Last time I talked about a breathing exercise that I really liked. If you haven’t taken a look at that yet, please do. The breathing method I went over works really well with the technique I’m about to share. 500 more words

Chronic Pain

Repairing The Parent-Child Bond (For HUMAN Parents Only)

Have you ever felt momentarily overwhelmed, annoyed, or angry and raised your voice at your child?

If the answer is no, you are some kind of web-crawling bot, not a real-live human parent, and therefore you do not have to read any further. 771 more words

Miriam Manela

A Breathing Relaxation Technique That Actually Works (for me) Part 1

Over the course of my physical recovery–which is still a work in progress, especially in light of the recent weeks of pain I’ve experienced–I’ve been given a variety of advice/techniques on “how to relax”, none of which have ever worked for me. 927 more words

Chronic Pain

Lazy Monday

A Monday off, a lazy day.

Mother Nature can’t make up her mind today, 

Brilliant sunshine followed with blizzards,

snow filling our view outside

Then the sunshine returns and the snow that fell, blows, … 246 more words



             Today’s message was one of those bold types, the kind that arrives in its own unique way.  I woke up from personal-related dreams, but had nothing to share.   249 more words

How To Have The Best Night Ever, It's Pleasure Thyme Style

I would like to begin this blog post with a preemptive clarification. I am by no means antisocial. I love my friends and family. I really do. 800 more words

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