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Do you have a problem? Great!

There is always a solution ready for you when you stop feeling bad about the issue and start focusing in the direction of what you want instead!


Imagine it as you desire it and know it can be EVEN BETTER!

This is an incredibly fun aligning game. Just imagine an aspect of your life (such as your body or something else that is important to you right now) and imagine it exactly as you desire it to be. 25 more words


NOW is the perfect time to pamper yourself

It does not matter what you are doing or who you are with – NOW is always the perfect time to care about yourself!

You can show love to yourself in millions of different ways, just start right now with one good feeling thing you can do to make yourself feel better.


Does the love of my life have to believe in law of attraction as well? (NO! )

This is an exciting topic! My boyfriend does not want anything to do with Abraham hicks but allows me to follow my own bliss anyway. We have completely different views of life, kind of like yin and yang and I have never been more satisfied and happy with a man as I am with him! 40 more words


What do you really want right now and why?

This is a magnificent game of alignment that focuses your energy in allowing ways. Just ask yourself what you really want – think about it, imagine it happening – and why you want it. 27 more words

How To Allow

Walk your own path

Make the decisions that feel best to you and always follow what feels good to you.

Other people are good at choosing what feels best for themselves, but no one other than YOU knows what is the best feeling path for you. 24 more words


Be your own best friend

Be the one who is loving and supportive of you. Treat yourself really well, just like you would treat a close friend that you treasure. Never beat up on yourself but instead be loving, kind and pampering. 6 more words