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grilling scallops

Nine tips for perfectly grilled scallops, plus the grapefruit and chile glaze you should put on them.

via Food52, Christine Rudalevige of the Family Fish Project… 97 more words


Jack pads - make your own

Whenever you set up, it is a good idea to place a pad of some sort between your leveling jacks and the ground.  This distributes the weight of your coach over a larger area.  673 more words


How to save money

I’ve been into fashion for couple years now and clothes and shoes can be expensive, so it’s kind of hard for me to save money because I’m always wanting to spend my money on clothes. 673 more words

Helpful Tips

DIY No Sew Braided Headband

Month over month, my most popular blog post (thanks to Pinterest) is the DIY No Sew Knotted Headband.  I wanted to add some additional content for the no sew headband lovers out there so here is another one made using a pair of L’s old tights. 196 more words


Lose Your Virginity

In the spirit of embarrassing moments that haunt our minds forever – those which we keep secret from the world surrounding us – check out the following entry sent to me from an anonymous blogger. 404 more words


How-To: Move your playlists from Spotify, Rdio, and more to Apple Music

With the launch of Apple Music just around the corner, music lovers currently subscribed to competing services like Spotify and Rdio may be looking to jump ship and give Apple’s offering a try. 457 more words


Creating a Private Event Bus with jQuery

jQuery has a great API for working with DOM events – both native and custom. The great thing about its system is that you can also use it on regular objects, thus allowing you to quickly create private event systems for your application that don’t rely on DOM elements. 291 more words