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Jesus had two children with wife Mary Magdalene, claims new book

More soft disclosure? Do you believe that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and had children? If true, what else has been misrepresented to us? -LW

A new book claims the Jesus fathered two children and married… 219 more words


The Lies That You are Told by Mainstream Media Have Been Busted Wide Open

Can you see how these plans have invaded your daily life? For me, the most obvious plot was the music industry, but I have seen the impact of “free trade” on communities. 3,055 more words


Return of the Titans

-The great debate: were these from Atlantean genetic experiments or were we visited by off-worlders? (or both?) -LW

 Black Sun Rising 66 part 1

By  6,148 more words


Montague Keene, Sunday October 5th, 2014

Monty has some interesting comments about the Irish Potato Famine. Both Monty and Veronica share details the attacks she experienced, recently. -LW

As you approach the end of the rule of the cabal, their desire for war becomes more urgent. 1,302 more words


Judge Napolitano: History of Constitutional Erosion

Judge Napolitano delivers an excellent presentation on how the Constitution of the United States has been eroded. -LW

How The Illuminati Corrupted History

Newly-Released Video of Missile Hitting Pentagon on 9/11

This video is reportedly from a hotel security camera. Supposedly, it was confiscated by the FBI and later returned, after litigation.


  1. The original video is from the days of hand-held camcorders…
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