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Your friends are idiots...

And so are the people you meet at the bar and that you work with.

At least, they are when it comes to helping you choose your spouse. 392 more words

Bad News Everyone!

The Best Way To Introduce Your Kids To Star Wars: LEGO® Star Wars™: Droid Tales

It’s school holidays here in Sydney, Australia. It’s the second two week holiday break for our school year and the month of July is smack bang, right in the middle of winter. 738 more words


Mastering English Pronunciation by "Loving" It!

Việc NGHE sẽ gián tiếp ảnh hưởng đến PHÁT ÂM và ngược lại! Nên để cải thiện phát âm, hãy kết hợp tiếp xúc với ngôn ngữ chuẩn nhiều hơn và DẦN DẦN học qua các nói của người bản ngữ! 999 more words

Học Tiếng Anh

My Blue French Horn

by Dianne Mulingtapang

I was staring at it-

The Blue French Horn painting,

When I saw you enter the room

of what used to be your favorite place… 138 more words


Revisiting The How I Met Your Mother Finale

I, like most of the world, was really disappointed by the way that How I Met Your Mother finished its run last year, culminating in a finale that made most fans really upset. 1,542 more words


The Point of Fiction, Wish Fulfillment, and HIMYM Reflections

What’s the point of fiction stories anyway?

In J. R. R. Tolkien’s On Fairy-Stories an essay that predates anything to do with Hobbits — he intimately discusses the “fairy story” as a literary form, which we by extension might just call “fantasy” for simplicity’s sake, or “speculative fiction” for over-complication’s sake. 1,192 more words


Where is the sun?

Summer is halfway done for me and I have to admit I haven’t been really productive. Unless binge watching a lot of TV series count. I’m still debating though if summer without the sun counts as a pro or con of the  529 more words