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Interracial homosexual couples should be better represented

This media object is another wordpress blog article and is about how to improve both the racial and LGBTQ diversity on the show How I Met Your Mother… 394 more words

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James Stinson is just another guy

This media object is a short interview done by the Huffington Post with Wayne Brady, who plays James Stinson. It talks about what it has been like to play a gay character on the show  303 more words

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A match made in shipping heaven

I started a conversation about ‘shipping’ this morning and how potentially damaging they can be to a character when there are too many love interests in the mix or writers try to stir it up a bit by diverting away from the source material. 457 more words

Ted Mosby - (Tribute to HIMYM)

Hey guys, even though the show is now over it was one of the funniest shows of the decade. Even though it took 9 season to meet the ‘one’, it was all worth it. 806 more words


Real or not?

Slice 149 of 365

Today’s post is inspired by an episode of How I Met Your Mother. Marshall created a new game where he told the gang stories about himself and they had to decide if he was young or drunk. 139 more words

“Know that I’m here for you always.”
Stonehands, Balance & Composure

Since the time I was a kid, all I can remember is the crazy amount of people saying things to me about how “sweet” I am and how “kind” I was.

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