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2015 Forbes Billionaires: China's Record 213 Members

Mainland China has a record 213 members on the 2015 Forbes Billionaires List, an increase from 152 last year and second only to the United States. 30 more words

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Why Apple Doesn't Report Jony Ive's Compensation

The recent New Yorker profile of Jony Ive made him appear as Apple’s most important employee. Yet, Apple doesn’t report his compensation. Here’s how they can do that. 12 more words

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Media Agencies Are Evolving From Being Media-Facing To Consumer-Facing

Media agencies have been built to give strictly narrow media recommendations. They were very good at responding to a client?s needs and delivering audiences. However, in a consumer-controlled reality they had to transform their offering and mind set from “media” to “integrated marketing communications” 12 more words

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Forbes Billionaires: Full List Of 2015 Newcomers

Here is the full list, ranked richest to (relatively) poorest.

from Forbes – Business http://ift.tt/1EFQCXb
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Almost 40% Of Minority Teens Want Tech Careers, Research Finds

The lack of diversity in tech, both gender-based and racial, is a hot button issue. So, it should come as welcome news that a recent research survey found that three of the top ten desired careers among Black and Hispanic students from low to middle-income families were in the tech field and that, upon learning what types of work are associated with IT, 70% of teens surveyed expressed at least some enthusiasm for these jobs. 112 more words

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The Black Billionaires 2015

Meet the 11 black billionaires out of the 1,826 people who made it to the 2015 FORBES list of the World?s Billionaires

from Forbes – Business… 9 more words

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