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Tips to make boring chores miles easier to tackle

I have a slight issue with motivation, in that I have none. Literally zilch. I can’t quit smoking, coz nothing motivates me. I can’t finish an assignment in one go, coz my motivation is at a rock-bottom level. 345 more words

Embrace the place you're in

If I had a pound for every time a mommy friend welcomed me into her home saying “please excuse the mess” then I would be a very rich woman. 390 more words


10 things I wish my family understood about keeping the house tidy!

I like the house clean, yes it’s possible that I am a mildly obsessed, control freak. I don’t think I’ve always been that way but I am now and yes I try not to obsess about everything and I am fairly successful at that for instance the youngest kid currently has the living room floor covered in a random assortment of toys and has for most of the day! 1,414 more words

Blended Family

Laundry and Dishes and Cleaning, oh my!

I’m going to admit that my house is an absolute disaster. Like an F3 tornado landed in my house and just threw everything around.

I have dishes in my sink; no matter how many times the dishwasher has been run, I still haven’t seen the bottom of my sink in… 754 more words


It's finally Friday

This week has felt incredibly long because of the much needed rain. But I am so happy to see the sun peak through the clouds – if only for a couple of hours AND be able to relax for the weekend in my comfies. 101 more words

On fame and housework

I want to be funny.  I want to have one of those wildly successful blogs that people are always sharing on their facebook pages, and somehow manage to have posts go viral.   342 more words