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A lazy week with not a lot to do and plenty of time to do it in!

Mostly it’s going to be a lazy week with not a lot to do and plenty of time to do it in!  There will, at some point, be some domestic activity, some sorting out and some de-cluttering of a relatively ruthless variety. 98 more words


Cleaning Doesn't Make Me Happy, But A Clean House Does - So, I Clean

Not So, Like Mother, Like Daughter

My mom is the ultimate homemaker.  Truly!  She somehow has managed, all of my life, to keep a very beautiful house.  692 more words

Healthy Living

A case worth saving

As I prepared to install the laminate in my guest room, I made it a priority to sort through allll the stuff that’s been lingering in there for years and make some decisions instead of just moving it around and resorting stuff into ever larger storage containers every couple years. 462 more words


Mistress Agnes does the Cleaning and other Matters

You may wonder why it has seemed a little quiet on the Swords and Spindles front lately. Some of our folk have been abroad in Weston Super Mare. 230 more words


Sushi and Speedblogging

I think the only way to get out of this writing slump I’m in is to get back to writing whatever’s on the top of my head. 289 more words


Planking a Wall

After finishing the master bedroom floor and starting on the office, I took some time to remove the baseboards and door frames from the hallway. 652 more words


Wellness Wednesdays

Tidying your surroundings and organising your living space can clear your mind and remove some unnecessary stresses.

Sitting looking around at the paperwork everywhere, dog hair covered cushions and bags of shopping not yet put away does nothing for my wellbeing! 148 more words