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So I Do Care

I have had a rough week. Rain and thunderstorms have brought ants into my home and forced me to clean and spray absolutely everything I could. 577 more words


A Scraped Knee

5 yr old: Daddy, my knee has a boo-boo!

My husband: I’m sorry your knee is hurt.

5yr old: It’s alright Daddy, it’s the road’s fault, not yours.


Cookin' News

Today, I decided to bake some chicken breast strips. I wanted to step out of my normal comfort zone. Washing the chicken, season the chicken, throw it in a pan. 128 more words


Barnes Daily Begins

People begin blogs for various reasons. I personally was standing in the kitchen preparing dinner and thought, I should be writing about my daily activities. I know, I know, not such an awesome beginning, but you have to start somewhere.   118 more words



There are a lot of cute dresses out there and I would wear them if they would just let out the hem a foot or two.


What the Hell Are You Doing?

“What the hell are you doing?” A phrase I desperately want to utter whenever someone is chewing loudly just to spite me (I’m sure).

On the drive to the Cancun airport after our deadly honeymoon, a man was chewing his gum so provocatively I felt like he was sharing the whole inappropriate experience with me. 283 more words


Slow days and some goals

Things have been a bit slow since our whirlwind weekend. Part of it is from me being plain old lazy (something I am working on) and being pregnant . 135 more words