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Embrace Your Inner Tomboy to Be More Feminine?

Often in the West we tend to think of tomboys and feminine as a dichotomy. Either you’re a tomboy or a girly-girl. Whether you’re a child or an adult, those are your choices. 1,788 more words



Hello beautiful people.

I know I have not written to you in a couple of weeks. I was using that time to step back and look at my priorities both with real life and with this blog. 70 more words


Anyone for a roast beef dinner...?

As a child, I always had a roast dinner on a Sunday.  My mom is the best cook!  We usually had roast beef.  People ask me if it got tiresome; I can honestly say it didn’t.   604 more words


So I have decided to turn my back on my previous blog platform and attempt to use WordPress as I was advised that it is far better because of this and that ….. 417 more words



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Well, hello there!

Welcome to The Art of Domestic Engineering! This is a blog dedicated to the joyful, exhausting, exhilarating, messy, beautiful job known as motherhood. Having worked outside the home until fairly recently, my identity was tied up in my profession as well as my role as a mother. 447 more words


Take a good look at yourself, or... over-analyzing isn't always fun

It seems recently that I have stated that my time spent in cross-dressing internet chatrooms is becoming less and less. This is largely due to the fact that the “trolls” seem to infiltrate them and spend their time trying to cut you down or turn legitimate participants against each other. 1,049 more words