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How to Build An Easel

Like a fine wine or the whiskey that shares his name, Jack gets better with age. As his beard grows longer and more fruitful, he adds to his trades and becomes handier. 335 more words


So He Thinks He Can Dance

I have created A MONSTER!

At first, Jack wasn’t fond of the idea of having a choreographed dance as our “First Dance” and he has never been very coordinated. 295 more words


15 Signs I'm Drunk

  1. I just got a whole hell of a lot wittier.
  2. I started baking or cooking, but it didn’t get done.
  3. I forget what I was going to say now.
  4. 128 more words

So Much to Do. So Little Time!

FINALLY! Today we finally signed our loan application for our new home. OMG! I never thought that I would ever be so excited to finally get just this far. 532 more words


Plants > Pets

I liked cats A LOT when I was a kid; specifically, kittens. I was looking through old photos the other day when I came across the one of me in the blue dress at age 2 and a half. 454 more words


Wedding Numbers

I wrote this the other day because I KNEW I would be too hungover to function this week.Thanks, pre-stagette Lady Leisure. . .  463 more words


Tailgate This

I pulled “a Jack” last night. He’s a traffic bully and he tailgates people so they get out of the fast lane so that he can pass. 234 more words