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Things are fairly busy right now – today I did a first coat of paint on my kitchen, a long-procrastinated project that turned out to be much less trouble than I had feared. 368 more words

x135 (so... what do you do all day?)

I had my annual physical with a new primary care on Monday. I’m much less picky with my primary care than I am with my therapy team, primarily because most of my care is outsourced to specialists and I tend to take pretty good care of myself. 685 more words

Mental Health

Tommy Fuccillo is Joining Stitched Up

Tommy is a pretty mellow person who also enjoys neutralizing Bowman’s irrational jargon. Like the rest of us, he can ramble about whatever he wants, but it’s looking like he’ll be focusing mainly on music. 21 more words


Just in Case You Thought I Had It All Together

On Sunday morning, Matt went over to his parents’ house to pick up the kids, and I sat alone in the living room trying to decide what to do for an hour. 988 more words


Girl post - on the practicality of bonnets

The other day I was doing a bit of wall-painting, and had left my hair in a braided ponytail rather than bunning it. No disaster occurred, but the swinging brush-end definitely got a little closer to the wet paint than I’d like! 517 more words

The Humanity

The Nanny Search Begins

As the saying goes, this is not our first rodeo.  The first time I was filled with an out pour of guilt. This was why I had not returned to my job after all, was to do these things, and now here I was unemployed and hiring someone to help me do the only simple job I had to do, taking care of my family.  954 more words

Blended Families