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Teaching the skills: Sew buttons

Everyone lost a button off their favorite trousers, shirt, or coat. Some of them come with a few extra, matching buttons so you can replace them if you lose them. 157 more words


A Decision Has Been Made...

Well, I’ve thought long and hard about this and I’ve finally come to a resolution on the issue of the G. And the decision is that I’m going to let it go. 868 more words

Susie G.

10 things I hate about me

1. I hate how emotional I am. At 28 I should be mature enough to leave feelings behind and start acting according to the goals I want to achieve instead of doing what my heart tells me to. 317 more words

Teaching the skills: Cleaning chores at age 10

Back when I was a kid under the age of 10, I remember thinking how awesome it would be to have a double digit age. These days I only think how awesome it would be to have a triple digit age. 710 more words


Rite of Spring

Ah, springtime – the time of year when the air is perfumed by the scent of cherry blossoms and soft breezes herald warmer weather as winter loosens its frosty grip. 514 more words

Friday Funny

Git 'er done

I always admired the SuperWomen – those women who seemed to be constantly in motion, Accomplishing Things! all day long.

When your health isn’t the greatest, that’s not something you can always do. 471 more words

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Get Organized With Me :: Bathroom Part I

Hello Dears and welcome back! It’s a fan-freaking-tastic Friday over here and I’m excited to bring you a new series! This is the first installment of my “Get Organized With Me” series. 594 more words