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This is It

Your first shared apartment experience is always daunting, frankly, any new shared apartment experience is daunting. is your new housemate messy, fussy, cheap, all over the place, never there, always in your space and stuff etc? 14 more words


House Mates: You Learn To Love Them

Week five. One more week to go then you’ll need to count the amount of blogs I’ve done on two hands! This week has been interesting. 957 more words


Finding Little Italy

We did it. We finally found a house in Melbourne. We were in panic mode for a little while there as we kept getting our hearts set on a place, only to be beaten by people who had more money to offer, or better jobs on paper. 873 more words


O Valencia!

Time here is scarce. And by time, I mean free time. Days start to blur together and before long, weeks have gone by and I’m not sure which days belong to which weeks. 201 more words

It's All in Your Head!!!!!

It always is. My friend introduced me to ‘The Secret’ over the weekend; the idea that the universe is governed by the law of attraction. What you think in your head will manifest, your believes turn into reality and your state of mind drives you either to or away from success. 936 more words


Factor 3

Ok so today I moved house. End of another era. I start surgery on Tuesday. I think my┬áhousemates are ‘play fighting under covers’. I’m tired of hearing it. 12 more words


Everything erupted in my house last Friday. The guy who has been living here without contributing to the bills – well he scolded by the new guy. 1,313 more words