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Simple Tricks to Setting a Modern Easter Table

Easter is a celebration of all things new, so when it comes to setting a table, I like to mix the design up. While I definitely take a page out of my mother’s book and set the table with various pastel tones, I like to update it with modern elements—think: metallic and retro prints amidst the bountiful floral arrangements. 401 more words

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.new neighbors.

After months of prayers and wishes and crossing fingers, Sister V and I are finally next-door neighbors!  Obviously this means loads of dinner parties, cups of sugar, and ducking across the way for a quick cup of tea.   43 more words

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Cardigan Castle & Eco Restoration

Cardigan has benefited from an uplifting eco-conscious restoration of one of its greatest historical landmarks this year. Reopening this spring, Cardigan castle has been looking for a purpose in the modern day since it closed its doors 12 years ago. 283 more words

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So I’m sitting here on one of my hedgewitch nights (referring to the book sequence again)  thinking about my daily affirmation about Spirit…and my rosemary tree asked me to take her picture. 32 more words

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Buster and Punch Buster Bulb

Taking something ordinary from the everyday and making it beautiful is a challenge, but Buster and Punch have created the world’s first designer LED bulb. Resembling a vintage filament bulb, the resin light pipe at the centre of the bulb creates a subtle ambient light, whilst at the same time throw focused spot light onto objects below. 27 more words

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So at lunch today I decided to do some social media marketing research, i.e., flip through fifteen different books, get overwhelmed, and then resolve to look at cooking magazines after buying some cafe goodies… 38 more words

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