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Day 3: Did You Know?

The mouth parts of the tick are essential to its survival and quite dangerous for humans. The outside portions of a tick’s mouth contain two moveable palps. 172 more words

Lyme Disease

The Age of Ultron is Here!

This blog is starting to turn into a comic book superhero niche review site ;) No it’s not, I’ll be writing about the Oakland Raiders post-draft here pretty soon :) In the mean time Marvel brought us into the Age of Ultron this week and I saw the movie at Vancouver’s amazing Cinetopia Friday. 621 more words

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Day 2: Did You Know?

Ticks find someone or something to feed on through a process called questing. Ticks lay in leaf litter, crawl up the stems of grass or perch on the edge of a plant with their front legs extended. 79 more words

Lyme Disease


May, 2015

BRAVO to Colby College Assistant Professor Natalie Zelensky for her creative and inspiring approach to music and learning!

Since coming to Colby in 2012 with a Ph.D. 655 more words

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Day 1: Did You Know?

I thought I would kick off National Lyme Awareness Month by explaining the lifecycle of a tick. Once you understand this, you will understand why May is such an important month in the world of Lyme disease. 272 more words

Lyme Disease

Editors commentary: The 'über value' treatment

This is ‘non-political.’

That is how a covering letter, from an Anglican stable, described a document released over the Easter weekend with the title ‘Affirming Evangelical Unity over the Theology of Men and Women.’ 172 more words

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Always have a quorum handy!


  1. C. J. Black

Whenever I have a story to tell

Even though I realise it’s a difficult form

Then I invariably revert to the Villanelle. 148 more words

An Occasional Poem