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"Summer" By: Caroline

Well friends, I’d just like to start by saying: it’s good to be back!


indeed the happiest season of them all

splash in the pool… 25 more words


NYC Officials Set On Rooting Out Errant Food Vendors Who Don't Post Prices

It started with one vendor accused of selling $30 hot dogs to unwitting tourists, but now New York City officials want to make it clear that food carts must have their prices listed for customers to see if they don’t want… 289 more words

Minor League Big Taste

The Fresno Grizzles added an item to the menu that’s just plain yummy. A pepperoni pizza with hot dogs stuffed in the crust. This just sounds amazing. 142 more words

Ballpark Food

Hormel Gobbling Up Applegate Farms For $775M

In a sign of the times, Hormel Foods Corp., the maker of Spam, is trying for that natural foods feeling and has decided that buying Applegate Farms for $775 million is the way to achieve it. 316 more words

Hot Dog! Hot Dogs are in the News

This past weekend, you might have eaten a hot dog or thought about eating one for the first time all year. Maybe you’re waiting for July 4th to be that… 374 more words


That One Time I Threw Up On My Car and Accidentally Got Two Guys Kicked Outta a Concert

Here’s another fun, more recent story.

A few months ago, I went to Philly for a concert. On a work night. Not the best decision, but I really wanted to see some Wombats. 425 more words

Burger King is experimenting with these new foods

Fast-food fans, rejoice. Hot dogs and corn dogs may one day come to a Burger King near you.

According to the Consumerist, the Whopper maker is now testing both types of dogs at locations in Maryland and Michigan. 114 more words