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Eventful Acres Reunion

We were excited to be invited back as alumni to HC Equestrian‘s annual Eventful Acres Camp.  Prior to our move in the fall of 2013,  Izzy and Sophia were part of HC Equestrian program.  569 more words


Social Media

Everyone has a view on what horrors occur in this cruel world we live in, but how many horse owners, have become habituated to throwing stones in glass houses. 188 more words


Staring Down the Rabbit Hole

So its really not a rabbit hole, its a coyote hole Jo and I found on our ride this morning. But all jokes aside, this picture sums up my life currently. 135 more words


Reality Check

Sometimes life gives me a reality check. I’ve been feeling disconnected from people lately. Its hard to feel like you are holding up both sides of a relationship. 180 more words


Kisses <3

I taught Lily how to kiss <3 She is so cute! I did a bit of liberty with her yesterday, just liberty circles and things like that. 58 more words


Equidgel: Day 1 & 2

I’ve been slowly introducing Pie to Equidgel for a few days now, gradually mixing more in and reducing her conditioning cubes. She’s off the cubes now and we can start the trial in earnest. 364 more words


Culture Shock

It’s funny how much you can learn in a week. I have this colt I’m working with. Ok, technically a filly, but everyone just calls her ‘Coaly’ or ‘your colt’. 785 more words