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Allow your horse to be a masterpiece

When I adopted Aesop, I was looking for a horse who could be a good teacher. He appeared open, calm and, just as  important, he had rather flat movement. 931 more words

Horse Clicker Training


When you see magic portrayed in books and movies, it is often used as a short-cut around reality. You can clean up a room with a wave of a wand or turn a man into a goat to pull your cart. 914 more words

Horse Clicker Training

"Ride the horse the direction it's going"

In every horse discipline there seems to be a catch phrase or reminder of how to go about teaching the horse what you want. One in particular comes to mind that everyone seems to immediately assimilate into their jargon, and that is “Look for the slightest try and reward that.” People who train with pressure still use the idea of looking for the slightest try and “releasing” the pressure. 374 more words

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Scratching: a primer

My last post about Rune outlined the details of our relationship and training in our first six weeks together. I assumed most people know foals are  born “itchy” and love to be scratched more than anything in the world. 776 more words

Horse Clicker Training