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Horrorfestive is open

Horrorfestive is OPEN! How exciting is that? Very I tell you.

Every vendor has at least 1 charity item out which 100% of proceeds going to the chosen cause. 144 more words


TN2M NaNoWriMo Ep0 - It Has Begun

Hey guys this is the zero hour for the NaNoWriMo episodes for November as well as Podcast Updates so I hope you enjoy and I even kept it under 10 minutes lol… 15 more words


A Vog Winter's Night

It is the darker ending of the year, the Mì na Samhna’ mother moon marking half year gone by. This week season ending I hope is filled with spirit that lasts your whole life, and it touches and inspires all those around you. 263 more words

#137- Manhunter

Quick recap: Will Graham, former FBI profiler, is talked into helping solving a particularly gruesome serial killer case. Watch closely and you may see our good friend Hannibal Lecter pop in to lend a hand! 432 more words


#136- The Evil Dead

Quick recap: A group of friends  stay in a cabin for a weekend and have a lovely time. They learn about themselves, each other and most of all the evil demons that surround and inhabit them. 470 more words


Spirit of the Season: The Midweek guide to Halloween attractions

By Jack Firneno and Matt Schickling
Wire Staff

Legend has it that Bucks County’s history is rife with ghosts and haunted sites, but for the nonbelievers, this week marks the last opportunity to get some real-life scares in before Halloween. 810 more words

Bucks County

10th Annual South African Horrorfest

2014 South African HORRORFEST Line-Up

29 October – 7 November

Labia Theatre, 68 Orange Street, Cape Town (& The Book Lounge)

Over the past 10 years the South African HORRORFEST has expanded itself into the continent’s most all-encompassing Halloween event, incorporating an exciting range of movies and short films (you’re unlikely to see in any other local cinema), a unique live soundtrack performance to a classic silent film, literature, a night market, Halloween dress-up competition, a new kids’ screening, a free opening show, prizes, give-aways, a special free Horror movie-making master class with SAE & more. 849 more words