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The Snakeman



A forest darker than the night stands at the field’s western end, which provides the backdrop for the shot. 811 more words

The Babadook (2014)

(Scream Factory Blu-Ray, Not Rated, Running Time: 94 minutes)


A widowed mother and her son are terrorized by a supernatural monster from a children’s book. 415 more words

Fandomfest Review

One of the most pleasant and unique things about comic conventions is how everyone reacts to one another. Walking into the vendor hall, I breathed a sigh of relief as I realized I was home amongst fellow con nerds and dorks. 373 more words


4 Quirky Realities of Dark Fiction Writers

I write horror, or at least that’s what I’ve been working on when I’m not perfecting writing samples in the hopes of a job or writing on here. 713 more words

About Writing!

Stull Cemetery (PART 4)

We continued our long descent for several minutes before the warm beam of her flashlight flickered and died, plunging us into a deep, empty darkness that forced its way into my lungs and filled me with it’s heavy presence, drowning me in its frozen suffocation. 604 more words


Smithys journal Cont

Smithys journal

I watched as lady Joyington stood face to face with Lord Musketache and stared him down, her unflinching gaze on the poor man never once left his until it was he who yielded first. 871 more words


Flowers In The Attic By: V.C. Andrews Directed by Deborah Chow

Major Characters: Catherine Leigh “Cathy” Dollanganger oldest daughter;Christopher “Chris” Dollanganger, Jr oldest son; Cory Dollanganger youngest twin brother; Carrie Dollanganger twin sister to Cory; Corrine Dollanganger their mother; Bartholomew “Bart” Winslow Corrine’s second husband; Olivia Foxworth the grandmother and mother of Corrine; Malcolm Foxworth the grandfather and Corrine’s father; Christopher Dollanganger, Sr. 518 more words