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The Brother Jack Effect

To those of you that followed my AtoZChallenge posts, you will have no doubt met Brother Jack.

Brother Jack is my new co-host, if you will, and will be a central character in one of my future novels. 291 more words

Alex Laybourne

Preston and Child's "Relic:" Fantastic Horror

Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child is a monster horror written in 1995, and it reads like a fantasy novel. Starting off with the characteristic “slow build” of epic fantasy,  779 more words


The Flavour of Spite - Twenty

Francine is remembering something, looking at his broken, dead body at her feet. She’s trying to feel something other than revulsion at this form. There is no pity, but beneath it all, there are memories, tugging at her. 1,327 more words


Secret shame as a writer and reader

Sorry I missed last week’s blog.  I was out of town; Vegas baby, Vegas!  Had a pretty good time, didn’t lose my shirt.  But I did lay down a long shot bet on the Chicago Cubs finally winning a world series this year.  249 more words


Fantasy research – creepy in fantasy (Coraline)

One of the lovely things about writing is that often your research involves reading other stories. Not to lift work, of course, but to understand tricks of the trade, analyze what worked, or didn’t, and try to figure out why. 907 more words


Along the ragged coastline of the great sea, the surf, beneath a sky the color of black mold puckered with storm-clouds like abssesses pulsing to burst, rages, foaming and frothing against cold black sand and jettis of jagged rocks piled like carrion-bones. 171 more words

The Flavour of Spite - Nineteen

Dearest Violet is in my kitchen, slicing and dicing vegetables for our soup.  She has chosen a recipe for chicken soup, and the meat is already finely sliced and lightly fried, and it now sits on blotting paper to the side, awaiting its immersion in the stock when it is ready, ready to fully absorb the many herbs and spices she has required. 993 more words