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The Hanged Girl - Fourteen

A dismal, slow business day at the bookstore was beginning to make Lisa fight off sleep at the store’s counter. She’d not been sleeping well of late. 1,371 more words


Sunday Movie: "The Abominable Dr. Phibes" and "Dr. Phibes Rises Again"

Both directed by Robert Feust, who was Art Director and later Director for the BBC series “The Avengers”. They are buttery toffees of camp British horror. 184 more words

Speculative Fiction

The Flavour of Spite - Fourteen

I am delighted with our progress. Things go more smoothly and quickly than I had anticipated. Aunt Imogen had always said that it took easier with children, so perhaps there is something childlike in my dear Violet, for she is the perfect pupil: attentive, needful, wanting to please. 1,431 more words


The Hanged Girl - Thirteen

Mandy’s school had a hallway with student lockers that reminded her quite strongly of the school scenes in Twin Peaks. They were shabbier, a dull grey colour, and some in need of repair, so nowhere near as sparkly as those in the show, but still they were similar enough. 1,193 more words


Why You Can't Argue With Crazy (and should you?)

No, I didn’t forget Women in Horror Month. Yes, this isn’t technically posted in February, but I wanted to see the month out before I wrote my opus. 891 more words


Write What You Know, or No?

We’ve all heard the mantra “write what you know” on repeat, and probably from various sources too. It’s great advice, and true, but only to a point. 934 more words


The Hanged Girl - Twelve

‘This is the weirdest thing I think I’ve ever come across!’ Susan announced, placing her iPad and her notebook on the cafe table with a flourish. 2,153 more words