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Animation - Three

Combine this problem, as it seemed to me in my lost and loveless life, with my ugliness, and even my eventual fame did not allow me to reach out for affection that was in any way lasting or sincere. 229 more words


The Lunatics Who Built The Asylum

By Jennie Jarvis

This month, we are looking back at the writers who inspired us, and I have to admit… I’m starting to think I might be just a little bit crazy. 880 more words


In Kansas City For ConQuest!

Here is my agenda:
Friday 5:00 PM Is It REALLY Gothic? (M)
Friday 10:00 PM Body Horror: The Last Ewwww (M)
Saturday 10:00 AM Story in a bag… 54 more words

Speculative Fiction

The Others - Two

Still being fired probably wouldn’t have mattered all that much but my untimely unemployment cut off my funds for what I was really working on. I had this idea, you see, this concept, to film and work with the social interactions in this club owned by my mate George – a time-lapse photography kind of deal where no-one knew they were being filmed, and where I could look for patterns in relating and so forth and do a kind of social collage. 584 more words


Animation - Two

Three months ago I did not know my power. I was famous, respected, but remained essentially hidden. I always hated the pomp and ceremony of my exhibitions. 523 more words


Fears/and the Fearing

We read mysteries and stand by intensely at car crashes. Both are fears we confront just as though they would never be our own. Perhaps that is why we confront them in books (death, torture, etc) because we think they will never happen to us. 251 more words