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Film Review: The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

One of the few strengths of The Human Centipede franchise has been writer/director Tom Six’s willingness to experiment with genre. The first installment was a competently made body horror film, part two was full-on exploitation, and with part three, we get an unabashed satire. 557 more words


Watch This: Reaver by Len Lobiondo

reave (riːv)
vb, reaves, reaving, reaved or reft (rɛft)
1. to break or tear (something) apart; cleave

Winner of the Best Lovecraft Film award at the A Night of Horror International Film Festival 2014 

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Scary Silents: "The Haunted Castle"

The Goddess is a busy hellspawn, as I’m sure you all know by now. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been running my little cloven hooves off, doing promotional radio shows for… 2,015 more words

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Sleeping With the Closet Door Closed & Other Irrational Behaviors Inspired By the Original Poltergeist

In honor of the new Poltergiest re-boot opening in theaters, I thought I’d look back at the original Poltergeist and use an old academic journal article along the way. 1,498 more words

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[REC] (2007) Review


Good horror films are hard to find. Between the endless amounts of remakes and “torture porn” subgenre that permeates the genre, it can be hard to be a horror fan these days. 474 more words

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FREE to watch: "Reaver", a new Lovecraftian award-winning short film

Just discovered Reaver, a new 20-minute short film with Lovecraftian themes… and I love it.  It won “Best Lovecraft Film” at the “A Night of Horror International Film Contest”. 233 more words


Monstrosity, Horror, and the Blind Spot in Rosemary's Baby (1968)

Some film scholars have divided the history of horror cinema into pre- and post-Psycho periods, suggesting that Hitchcock’s 1960 film represented a thematic shift that had a lasting impact on the genre. 2,147 more words