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Once More With Feeling - Aspergirls and the processing of information

Faith is currently in Year 6, and is gearing up to do her SATs in the next couple of weeks. It is proving to be a traumatic time for her – whilst she is more than capable of doing the work she is being tested on, she is her own harshest critic, so she is finding it a very pressurised process … and pressure is an Aspergirl’s worst nightmare. 435 more words


Dreams are Future Realities

“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, “Why not?””

**George Bernard Shaw

Hopes And Dreams

That can't be me in that picture, I need Photoshop--STAT!

My future daughter in law tagged me in a facebook photo last night. A picture of both me and her mom hugging them after my son proposed. 561 more words


These dreams.

The dreams too heavy to hold

the human in me bold

but not an invincible soul

who upon years and years, toils

the earth caked and parched… 85 more words


Bucket List.

  1. Become famous.
  2. Hate myself for being famous.
  3. Hide from paparazzi.
  4. Develop a deep resentment for people who make a living off of taking pictures of you during your personal, private time.
  5. 13 more words
Bucket List

Double Or Nothing

The other night we started joking about have dectuplets. Is that even the right word? Like 10 babies. At once. Because, it’s taken so long to get pregnant that I could have had 10 babies by now. 375 more words

Midnight Walks

Dear Caroline,

Yesterday was spectacular. Though it was complicated and time consuming, I haven’t spent so much of my day with you in a long, long time. 603 more words