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The Dreaded TWW!

Does anyone else suffer in their 2WW! Because I certainly do! I am a POAS-addict, and to be honest, I always have been. If i go shopping, and there is pregnancy tests, I buy them! 525 more words


Hopes and Dreams

Our hopes and dreams become part of who we are; even the “impossible” ones. Therefore, when we honor and appreciate a person’s hopes and dreams, we honor and appreciate the person. 40 more words


Just a quick update!

As i sit here, 10pm on a Tuesday night, googling things (I need to add, I am a Google ADDICT, almost as bad as POAS, i am terrible with POAS, but hey, Who isn’t when they are ttc… 303 more words


Vitex & pre-conception supplements = this better be our year!!

Still to this day, i look at what we as a couple/family have been through and its been the toughest road. With our ivf, our pregnancy losses and our sons diagnosis with autism we have always been stronger then ever before. 132 more words



Hi all,
This post i will be talking a little about our story. A lot of people have been critical with us speaking about our infertility journey, and i say stuff them. 340 more words



So for the last few weeks I’ve been M.I.A, I must first start by apologizing for that! Life gets in the way sometimes. This is going to be a fast track update on what’s been going on in my still infertile life. 274 more words